How lucky am I???

5:07:00 PM

Last night I found a wonderful convo in my inbox, saying YAY you WON!!!!

I was so excited to read that I've won pack C in rikrak's MEGA birthday bash giveaway !!!!

Yes you read correct, it's a pack!!! It was all of these inside and then some!!!

I won a wonderful eco chic necklace from LaAlicia, three (3!!!!!) very cute items from Lilley, and something very special from spacejam!!! I will show them to you when they'll arrive! I can't wait to get them by mail!

Thank you so much Rikrak and thank you LaAlicia, Lilley and Spacejam!!! You are such sweeties all four of you!

Oh, and if you think this was a big giveaway, I won one out of four (yeap 4!!!) packs! Here are three other lucky people!

But then there is another reason for my good mood today!!! It is raining as we speak!!!! Yes yes yes, my rain dance worked!!!! Hurray!!!!


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  1. Congratssssssss!!!!
    They look fantastic :))))

  2. Great gifts!!...and it's raining too!!! Keep making wishes!!! :-)))

  3. ααα ολα αυτα κερδισες;;;
    πω πω τυχερη !!!

    και σε αλλα, και σε αλλα


  4. congratulations!!! nice going! :))

  5. yay! you're so sweet! i love your thankful heart, nicey! congrats!

  6. Bravo Maro!!! Great gifts for you!!!!

  7. I was thinking about you and your rain dance this morning when the black clouds gathered and the menacing rumblings in the sky started.....
    Needless to say that I was not thinking kindly of you when the downpour started and I was out runnung errands that could not be put of.....

    Oh well, congratulations on winning the prize anyway!

  8. Gia!!! I am so sorry for you! Did you get soaked? Oh I am sorry dear!!! But it was tryly needed here! It is so much better now, the temp dropped a bit and we might even sleep without air conditioning tonight!


  9. They look Amazing Maroulaki!!! Many-many congrats dear!!! "happy dancing"

  10. Τυχερούλα!!! Πολύ χαίρομαι...


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