I've got a prize (and some confessions to go along with it!)

12:06:00 AM

Sweet Olympia from a jol-y creations just gave me a prize! Thank you so much, dear Olympia!

In order to accept the prize now I have to:
1. Mention the blogger that gave it to me
2. Say 7 random things about me
3. Give the prize to 15 bloggers and let them know about it!

So here goes:
1. I love all animals with no exeptions for spiders and snakes (truly I love those guys) but cockroaches -I cry as soon as I see them!
2. I miss my university years
3. I love almost every kind of candy
4. I am addicted to dancing. I once strained a rib while dancing in a club. The doctor said I have to stop doing acrobatics in "bed". I did not set the record strait...
5. I've climbed mountain Olympos and loved it!
6. I had a very funny accident while ice skating in Innsbruck (see video for proof!)
7. I was first kissed at the age of 19. I was last kissed a second ago! I loved both times (and all in between)!

Those are 15 blogs I wish to give the prize to:
1. Annuk Creations
2. Antigoni Creations
3. House of mice
4. Creations by Eve
5. La boom!
6. Silver Lines Jewelry
7. Amoronia
8. RikRak Studio
9. Cherished Bliss
10. One Perfect Day
11. P8 buttons & Fabrics
12. Charan Creations
13. Stella Creations
14. At this shore
15. Kallia's Wonderland

I almost forgot the video!

Wish you all well!


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  1. Thank you for the honor dear!
    Your video is hilarious..err.... Shame on them who laugh I wanted to say :D


  2. σ ευχαριστω πολυ κοριτσακι μου :):):)

  3. Nice to Know more about you funny girl!!!
    And the video is........very.....sorry i cant stop laughing!!! :-)))

  4. Thank you so much for sharing and awarding me with this prize!

  5. Thank you so much, dear Maro! :)
    I loved reading your little "secrets"... the last one is TOOOO sweet!!!! (oh I'm SOOOOO romantic!!!!!)

  6. Oh, you made me laugh so so much!
    Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing more about yourself!And sorry about the accident!I guess you hurt, but the video was very funny :)


  8. I knew that would make you laugh! I was laughing so much myself! Fortunalely my bra saved me! I am a small size and the ones I wear are ...how to say it eleganlty...super enhanced!!!! So the bra took all the bumb and I was actually not hurt at all (well ...my feelings were a little bit!)


  9. Maroulaki to makrovouti sou ta spaeiiii!!!!!! :DDD

  10. Thanks so much Maro for the prize!
    The little secrets allowed me to know you better! :)

  11. haaahahahaha. that video just made my day :) thank you!

  12. thanks so much - and so nice of you! i'm honoured!

  13. @rikrak, sorry for misspelling prize on the convo!!Glad you like the priZe!!!


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