Monday Moodboard - Beauty

9:30:00 AM

Hello swetties! Do you know that feeling in your gut that says "Hey, what's wrong with my hair/face/eyes today?".
I have been feeling like that these last weekend, probably due to a stomach flu that keeps annoying me (has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't payed a visit to my dear beautician for months!!!) 
So this week's mood is all about caring for ourselves and our beauty (I know you don't need much but it's holiday season after all!!!)

 1. LaMiaCasaNelVento, 2. lapomme , 3.Elixirio, 4. bysweetmom

And since we are at the topic, I keep seeing this wonderful diy headband tutorial on pinterest and I thought it would be cool to share it here!

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Have a wonderful creative week!

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  1. beautiful moodboard, have a nice week !

  2. Wonderful post!!!
    Thank you! My Charcoal Soap is so happy here!!!

  3. This mood is all over my body for such a long time..I hope this "caring" week is not too far for me..Have a nice day!

  4. I need some beauty treatment urgently! Hope your stomach is better! :)

  5. πολυ ''ντελικατο'' mood κοριτσακι μου..


  6. Such wonderful finds!!! I hope that you will start feeling much-much better pretty soon :) Have a lovely new week as well dear!

  7. Great finds! Hope you feel better soon! Have a great week!

  8. great mood,thank you so much:) hope you feel better very soon!

  9. Ciao!!!!
    Hey, my body butter is great on you!
    What a wonderful place! thanks ^_^


  10. Such a nic post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful products!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???


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