Ice Station Antarctica

4:51:00 PM

Goodmorning gorgeous people!

Yesterday, my hubby took me to a great exhibition today named Ice Station Antarctica. It is an exhibition brought to Athens by the Natural History Museum of London.

We had so much fun browsing around and learning so many things about this marvelous remote place. The exhibition is very kid-friendly, if not kid-targeted. There are many interacting kiosks and so many activities for kids to do and learn about this continent.

There was even a cold room simulation where we stayed for some minutes at the temperature of -20 Celsius!!! We froze!!!

I loved the penguins and the seals and all the creatures that live there! They are amazingly cute! Especially the way they walk!!!

However, most of all I love my baby!!! Have you seen his funny face?

Well I wish you can go and visit this exhibition when it comes to your country! It is well worth it!

Smouts for now!


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  1. such an interesting post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bravo!!!!!!!!!!


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