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Have I ever told you how very outgoing and fun my hubby is? Well, he is!

Recently he joined a traditional dancing club to honor his grandfather who was originally from the Black Sea. He has been having lots of fun there and when a Carnival costume party was planned he came to me and said: “You have to make me look like the Pope of Rome!

What’s a girl to do other than laugh make a costume for the one she loves? After all he did promise to pay me on chocolates!!!

We researched on line to find out what a Pope wears and talked a bit about how we where going to make it! We decided to do it the easy way. I was going to hand stitch the thing! Are you laughing yet?

Here’s a tutorial just in case you love your hubby as much as I do!

Please bear in mind that I have no pattern making skills whatsoever and this is a fun project that will make you and your hubby/boyfriend/whatever laugh and spend time together. Although, I must confess I do like how the costume turned out!

Old white twin sheet, or any large piece of white fabric
A pair of fabric scissors
Thread and a needle or (for sane people) a sewing machine
Gold paint or marker
Hard paperboard

1. Make your hubby “wear” the sheet like he is a ghost. The purpose of this is to take pictures and laugh to make sure he will fit the costume.

2. When you stop laughing are ready to go you take the sheet and fold in half and then fold it once more. Then cut a small circle where the head should go. Sew a small seam of about 1cm to make the collar of the neck. It should look like a poncho by now.

3. Draw a dress-like form onto the poncho. Take into consideration the under arm size and leave a lot of allowance there especially if this is going to be used to dance in. The hands should be able to move free at all times! Now, cut the triangles to form the dress.

4. Sew the sleeves and the upper torso line of the dress. I left the lower part of the dress open to make sure Nick would be able to make all his dancing figures without distroying my work of art!

5. When that was finished (I was then at the point of "what was I thinking offering to hand stich the darn thing?") it was time to add the appropriate embellishments, i.e. a golden cross! 

Take a look at the following diagram I made. Hopefully it will guide you through the first steps of the procedure.

6. Since my drawing skills go hand in hand with my sewing ones, I made the cross first in a paper and then I transfered the shape in the front of the dress. Make sure to put a magazine "inside" the dress where the drawing should go to avoid leaking to the back of the dress. 

7. I used two kinds of gold color markers and a red one but you can use whatever you like.

8. Then it was time to add the over-coat-thing / cape the Pope wears. I took two of the triangles there was left from cutting the dress form and made some stitches to hold them in place in the center of the collar. Then I made some more stitches in the lower part of the cape (look at the arrows below) and I ironed the seam in place. I also made some stitches in the back of the cape to hold those two triangles together.

9. Making of the hat. Take your cardboard and cut two squares of about 35 x 35 cm. Fold one edge of the square to form the shape in photo two below. Take a paper clip and join the two edges. Do you see the hat forming? 

10. Make two same shapes and paint the one to look like a Pope's hat. Measure the head of the "Pope" and staple the two cardboards to form the hat.

11. You are set! Now all you have to do is make your loved one wear the costume and take pictures! The pictures are blurred because I couldn't stop laughing!!! Can you?

Ok, so are you now ready for some big laughs??? Some days ago, we were at my parents house and the TV went on and on about the Pope's resigning and the new election that is going to take place. My father then refered to the prophecy of the Popes (Prophetia Sancte Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus), according to which the next Pope is going to come from Africa and that will mean the beggining of the Apocalypse!!! 

Have you guessed what my little prankster did next? He went out and bought a black afro wig and some black face painting. Here are the results. The New Pope is (finally) here and the world is about to end!

We went to our costume party and had lots of fun!

It was yet another great project that made me really happy to have accomplished and I am anxious to see what you think about it! Please feel free to laugh your heart out; I am laughing while I write these lines. I am sure that once the laugh settles down I will revised the costume and make the cape a little bit better, especially the back of it!

My only regret is that I should have asked to be paid in a sewing machine AND some chocolates!!!!

Smouts for now!


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  1. hahahahahaha

    ok...give me a sec because I am on the floor... great I am ok now...

    Great tutorial and great model! I hope always to have such a fun... and of course to mention it in your blog!


  2. Καλά Μάρω είναι ΓΑΜΑΤΗ!!!
    Η τελευταία φωτογραφία είναι τέλεια...χαχαχαχα

  3. Ευχαριστώ κοριτσάκια μου! Το καλύτερο ήταν το πόσο γέλιο ρίξαμε!!! Θα καθιερωθεί η κατασκευή στολής κάθε χρόνο!

  4. haha! απίθανο Μάρω! μπράβο!

  5. Fantastic!!!!
    Great tutorial!
    Congrats to you both!
    Your costum will catch the eyes for sure!

  6. Hahaha isn't that the most useful tutorial on the net hahaha :D
    Good job you did there :)))))

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  9. i think you have just saved my life!! I need to make a lemmings dress and this is perfect!

    1. Glad someone is going to use the tutorial! Lol, they still keep making fun of me when they see it!!! Good luck with your dress!

    2. My daughter wants to be Pope Francis for the yearly costume party in her school before Lent (when others have carnivals) :) This is very helpful. Thank you :)

    3. Thanks Marie, I appreciate both your comments :)

  10. In America, we consider it in very poor taste, or even racist, for a white person to wear an afro and black-face.

    1. That's a bit touchy, isn't it? Is it racism when Eddie Murphy plays a white hair dresser in a movie? Not really. I am very blond and pale and growing up I thought black hair and dark skin was very beautiful and so I asked my parents to buy me a black doll. (They couldn't find one). I wasn't a racist. In those days the only black people we knew of in Sweden where the brilliant ones like Louis Armstrong or Sidney Poitier. Let's allow ourselves to play a little, have a laugh and celebrate that we all look different! It's beautiful and there is nothing racist about it. There is real racism, really ugly racism. Let's fight that :)

    2. Oh man I just saw this. Anonymous, I am sorry you felt offended by my husbands appearance but it really is just a costume for the carnival. I think my definition of racism and yours differ obviously. How is a Caucasian person going to impersonate an African American in your opinion? Shouldn't she/he use a wig or some face paint? I mean what's the politically correct way to do so? I do not discriminate people by sex, color or beliefs or any other factor for that matter. Again, I am sorry you felt offended.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


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