Monday Moodboard - Shabby chic and romantic

12:42:00 PM

Hello sweet friends!

I didn't find time to post last week, things are getting really busy with the renovation. I am thinking about making a small (tiny) place as a studio for Akamatra somewhere (but where?) in the house. I am day-dreaming of filling this spot with romantic colors and fabrics, my mom's sewing machine and my craft supplies for the shop. When I think of my spot I think shabby chic!

Here's some gorgeous items from my friends over at EuropeanStreetTeam to get you into my mood for today. I loooooove the flower photo. Maybe it will become part of my decoration, hmmmm.....

1. MyMonography 2. antigonidesigns 3. HandyHappyHearts 4. faunayflorashop

Check out Star of the East blog for many amazing Monday Moodboards!  

Smouts for now!


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  1. Thank you so much for including me :) Thats a lovely selection :)

  2. Decorating a new room is so much fun! Good luck!

  3. Do you want any help? I will bring my daughter...and she will create an empty space for you!

  4. Hope you find the perfect corner for your great creations!!!

  5. So beautiful finds!
    Thanks so much for including our garland :)

  6. Excellent work with your blog Shabby Chic fabric, they are simply gorgeous.


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