Almost ready!!!! Another sneak peek at Afrodite's blanket.

3:19:00 PM

Hello lovely people,

I am very excited today because I went shopping the other day and found the missing yarn in order to complete Afrodite's blanket.

So I got to work and I am proud to say that the blanket is almost ready!

I am finishing off the last three squares and I am ready to join the granny squares together! How exciting!!!

I have to admit this has been a BIG project. Thankfully, I didn't drop off half the way. It's quite addictive and completing one square at a time gives you a feeling of completion, that worked for me. I know I've some half finished projects in my drawers, how about you?

I am very happy with the color combos too, they seem so fresh and joyful, I am pretty sure my friend and little Afrodite is going to like it!

I decided to stitch the squares together instead of using crochet. Something about the way it looks when it's crocheted doesn't fit well to me, I don't know.

I'll probably end up doing both and see what comes out better (that's what happens when you are a control freak)!!!

Stay tuned! It wont be long until this sweet thing is finished!!! Yeah!!! So excited (did I say that already?)

Smouts for now!


p.s. Enter my GIVEAWAY here and good luck!

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