Happy Birthday Akamatra!!!

5:29:00 PM

March 2011
It’s late in the afternoon and I am surfing the net. As I am drooling over Ryan Gosling’s photos reading an interesting piece on ecology, I stumble upon Tatiana’s post on facebook. Yet another of her whimsical and beautiful shadow boxes. I am so proud of my cousin and her work! I click the link and gaze over the beauty of what she’s made.

Another click and something weird happens. The page goes white and then slowly fills up with small square pictures of … you name it … everything you can ever imagine!

Earrings, rings, clothes, dolls, beads, laptop cases, shoes, necklaces, more beads, bags, soaps, photos, toys, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in bright color is filling up my screen and I am left mesmerized! I am watching in awe as the screen fills and new items appear, new small squares of joy and inspiration.

I’ve found etsy.com! Better yet, etsy.com has found me!

Some clicks and two years later, I am sending a convo to a customer to let her know I’ve shipped her order; I am laughing with my friends at the EGST forum; and finalize the details of my new bow description.

Has it really been two years? Oh yes! Two whole years of another world into my world. A place to be myself, to create and learn how to create best, to meet new people and interconnect, to find inspiration, to get help and help others, a place that helped me remain sane despite the surrounding insanity.

It really has been two years since I’ve found etsy, I’ve opened my shop and became a member of this outstanding community. My joy is indescribable and even if I can’t put my feelings into words, I am sure that every etsy seller out there knows. They know what I feel and they know what I mean when I say that etsy has changed my life.

This community has become my long lost neighborhood, these people have become my new friends. I am again a child out in the street playing with my friends. You cannot top that!

Thank you friends, thank you etsy.


p.s.: A celebration is in order and one of these gorgeous new friends is holding a giveaway in her lovely blog. Hop on over there and get a chance (actually many) to win ANY bow you want from my shop. Click here to get to the giveaway.

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  1. I am so proud of you and your work so far!!!
    Congrats and happy birthday to your lovely shop!!!
    Bow ForTheWorld!!!


    p.s. etsy and egst are lucky to have you :) :) :)

  2. Χρόνια πολλά στο μαγαζί σου με πολλή δημιουργικότητα και πολλές πωλήσεις!

  3. Happy and creative birthday my dear! I'm sure you will amaze us for many years to come!

  4. Happy birthday! I wish you the best for Akamatra!!
    I am so lucky I ve met you.. my lovely godmother!


  5. Happy happy happy birthday Akamatra!!!!
    we love your shop and we love YOU!!!!
    keep fiogking!!! :-)

  6. Happy birthday Akamatrini!!!!!!
    Your shop is full of love and joy as you are!!!
    And as BRD says "keep fioging"!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I absolutely love your shop :) <3

  8. Happy Birthday to your adorable shop, sweet girl!!! Wishing you all the best on the next year starting ;-))) ♥

  9. Happy Birthday Akamatra!!!
    Wishing you the best for many more creative and joyful years!

  10. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! (twice)
    Happy Birthday Akamatra!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

    my best wishes!!!!!!!

    mats mouts

    PS.. ok..where is the cake now???? ha?

  11. Thank you all for being such good friends!!!

    Ada has the cake, lol!!!

    Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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