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Hello lovely friends,

we celebrated the Orthodox Easter a few days ago but I am not a big fan of Easter decorations and thus the house was left as it was. I only make an exception for Easter eggs. I’ve made those last year and they are fun to use still.
tutorial here
We Greeks have many traditions for the Easter. Giving gifts, chocolate eggs and chocolate chicks, and the Easter candle to our godchildren are some of them. This January Nick and I baptized our friends’ baby girl, Briana. She’s from the Philippines and she’s the cutest baby ever!

We thought hard about what gift to send her for her first Easter and decided to buy her a dress (make that two, we just couldn’t only pick one, they are so cuuuuute!!!). We decided against sending a candle (smart thinking) and in favor of a chocolate chicken (wrapped in many bags, to avoid spoiling those cuuuuute dresses).

I just couldn’t leave my godchild without a bow so I send her an elastic headband too. I also included a handmade card. I was all set and ready to close the package when I remembered the toy. Traditionally the Easter toy hangs from the Easter candle, but no candle shouldn’t mean no toy, should it?

available here

Well, the shops were closed since it was Sunday, but my hands are always available, so I made a small weird looking chicken plush toy for little Breana. I also made a small photo tutorial if you would like to make it for yourself, it’s very easy! I will post it soon.

Hope our little Bree will like her gifts!

Smouts for now


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  1. great choices, adorable gifts! I am sure they will be loved :)


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