How To Keep Household Costs Down This Winter

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whether you own your place or are renting it, it’s no secret that household bills are usually higher in winter.

This is largely due to the fact that a house needs certain things to keep it feeling comfortable, and because winter is colder, both inside and outside, then you’ll be using a lot more things like heating in the winter than you would in the summer.

Although it’s always a good idea to save on unnecessary costs when you can and not throw money away for the sake of it, you also want to make sure you’re keeping your place warm enough and not allowing yourself to freeze just for the sake of saving money.

Here are some of our tips for keeping your costs down that won’t leave you cold.

Don’t use a tumble dryer if you don’t have to:


Although these are great to have, they do use up a lot of electricity, and unlike in summer when clothes can be dried outside or in the sun, in winter it’s obviously not the case. A good way around this, is to choose one room in your house, preferably one with a lot of light and ventilation, and hang your clothes on a drying rack that can be placed near a radiator for a few hours. Typically it’s not recommended to keep heating on and a window open at the same time, because this will definitely waste money, but drying clothes is the exception to keep condensation away and prevent nasty mould. The best way is to keep the heating on low and just leave the window open enough to let some air circulate. It may take a little longer for things to dry this way, but the costs will be a lot lower than using a dryer.
In our house we use the storage we've build outside the kitchen but it's not heated. We just leave the window open and then the next day I take them out if it's a bit windy or sunny.

Adjust heating to correct winter settings:


Even if it’s cold outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cold inside. Some houses have amazing insulation that keeps them feeling nice and warm all the time, so it may not always be required to keep the heating on. However, if you are turning the heating off, especially if you’re planning to be away for a few days or longer, make sure you adjust it to the correct winter settings before you go. Normally when you turn the dial on your radiator, you’ll see a symbol that looks like a snowflake after the 0. This is to indicate the winter settings that will keep your heating off, but also protect against burst pipes. Pipes bursting in winter are a common cause of the pipes freezing due to cold weather, and can result in having to pay for an expensive heating repair service to get it fixed.

Don’t leave lights on if not needed:


Although it’s never recommended to leave lights on when not needed at any time of the year, it’s more likely that lighting is necessary more often in winter than in summer due to it being darker for longer. However, just because it gets dark at 4pm, doesn’t mean you need to start going around and switching every light in the house on. Use lights only in the rooms you’re in when you need to, switch them off again when you leave, and if you’re spending a longer amount of time in one room, such as relaxing in the living room at night, then maybe consider a few candles instead. Not only do candles not cost anything to run, but they give the room a nice atmosphere, too.

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