Dear friends,

this is not a huge blog.

This is just a very well loved one!

I have a lot of devoted followers on all social media (as of January 2017)

Instagram: 8.9K
Pinterest: 3.3K
Twitter: 2.8K
Facebook: 3.8K

This blog receives more than 18K views per month.

I am accepting sponsored posts from other small businesses at a very minimal cost and on a case to case basis. I would also love to review your products if you would like my unbiased opinion. Again this is done on a case to case basis, I am not willing to eat/wear/use anything I feel not to (I am not picky, I am just myself).

I also accept side adds at very reasonable prices. Feel free to send me an e-mail at akamatras at gmail dot com for a pitch :)

Thank you for being awesome!!!

Lots of love

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