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I have a confession to make... I am ridiculously in love with my boyfriend. No kidding. This has affected my perspective and I do not mean it in a "kinky" way mind you! I mean it in a can-help-but-sigh-each-time-I-see-something-cute way. 

Anyhow, we went shopping the other day in search of a nice fabric for a curtain (actually a screen of a new closet I designed and my father put together but will talk about that in another post). We, well ok I got the most colourful, playful cute fabric one could never think to use as a curtain and we also bought a pair of trousers for my boyfriend. Well the curtains are hanging as we speak and my loved one wears his trousers after I took care of their length. As for me, I was left to play with scraps of both fabrics.

And this is the result
I used my favourite glass seed beads, pink and teal yarn and my ridiculous intoxication of love and made this super cute cuff! 
 I honestly do not know if I am going to wear it, but I know it makes me smile like a child when I look at it.

Go figure love!

 This is my first creative space post. Take a look here for more!

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  1. Beautiful work, I love it too! Being in love does wonderful things to us doesn't it! Have a great day, :)

  2. It looks great! Wear it with some jeans & a t-shirt & off you go & have a picnic!

  3. Adorable -Very beautiful!
    Wish you a nice day!

  4. ααα το βλεπω απο το πρωι και λεω τι ωραιο-τι ωραιο δεν ειχα καταλαβει πως ηταν δικο σου

    πολυ γλυκο!!!

  5. The best!!!!! I so love it! Seriously... put some on the shop! I wantttttt :)

  6. Maroulaki this is gorgeous!!!!!
    see what love can do?? ♥

  7. It's as sweet as a pretty girl in love,
    i.e. you!

  8. The result is great! Picasso once said: your a real artist if you are able to see through children´s eyes..well I think you´ve done it!;)your jewelry is beautiful!
    and thanks for your lovely comment!

  9. BRAVO Akamatrini!!!!! It's stunning!!!!!!

  10. Love and hapiness always inspire us for the most beautiful things and your new creation is no exemption to the rule! Well done Maroulaki and I wish that you will always be as happy and inspired as you are feeling now :)

  11. You make me blash!!! Thank you for your comments! Each and every one means a lot!!!



  12. It is so nice to be in love and to have such inspiration from that love! I like this cuff very- very much!

  13. Such a beautiful and inspired creation!!!!!
    You shine with love... and your creation does so too! Bravo Maro!

  14. This cuff is absolutely beautiful! I love your blog and your made me smile :-)


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