My creative space - I love leather! (and a 25% off sale)

4:31:00 PM

I truly love leather! It is a wonderful material; allows your fantasy to run wild!

I have been playing with it for many years. When I was 14 I made a wallet out of a piece of leather I boutht from a vintage shop in Athens. It was stitched in a crooked way because it was very difficult for me to hand stitch it but I use to carry it around everywhere and it was my favourite possesion - even though it was empty most of the time!

I finally got around to listing a hand cut hand emproidered pendant necklace in the shop only recently - I have now special needles for leather stitching but it still is hard work!)

I am currently working on a series of leather cuffs. I have listed three in my shop yesterday and they have become popular in treasuries allready which makes me super happy!!! (Thanks you guys)

Natural color leather with teal and bronze beaded bead

 Light gray real leather modern design with beadwooven teal and blue flower cuff

And a small surpise (not like the one Etsy announched)! You can use the code BLG25 to buy one of these three cuffs until Monday 26th of September with a 25% off discount as a thank you present!

Stay tuned because there is more to come and nothing can stop me!!!

Take a look here for more beautiful creative spaces!

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  1. I'm a fan of those cuffs too!
    The colours are gorgeous!

  2. Lovely post Akamatrini :)
    I love these cuffs :)

  3. So very clever!
    I love the yellow and teal combo and a grey bobble would be gorgeous too.

  4. Maro your cuffs are just... WOW-WOW-WOW!!!!!!
    Wonderful work, girl! :)

  5. Love your new cuffs Maro!! Waiting to see more!!


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