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Hey there!
I am down with a cold for the past days but even that didn't stop me from spending too many hours in front of my laptop's display. Fortunately, being home left me time for some cooking. During the last days I've managed to make sardines, meatball soup (a great success) and a very nice rice with sweet corn, zucchinies and sweet red peppers.
I was quite busy with other stuff too (still haven't finished all my orders and their number is not that big) but my mind was still on my best friends wedding last Sunday. In Greek weddings there is a custom to give a small purse with  dragées at the end of the ceremony. My friends was a very nice simple one with a sweet yellow to light beige ribbon on it! It contained my favorite kind of dragées and I ate them all!!!

I really wanted to keep the purse as a reminder of the wedding so I came up with an idea. Turn the purse into something I could not through away. And so I did. I made this brooch from the ribbons and the fabrics and tulle of the purse!
I don't know if the technique is correct; I just made the leaves by cutting them and burning them in order not to ravel and then I saw it all together, embelished it with some of my favorite seed beads and sawed the pin on the back.
It was so much fun that I used the same method to make two more brooches...a beige with some sweet water pearls
and a blue one with a tiny bit of lace on it

I think I did ok considering... At least now I have a unique reminder of the wedding and I am going to make some more like the first one to give to my friend!!!

Smouts!!!(I am keeping my distance, you don't want my germs believe me ;) )

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  1. Lovely post!! :)

    Take care of yourself! :)

  2. love the brooches, please tell me how you burn the edges, I'm so intrigued!

  3. the flowers are a great idea to serve as a reminder from your friend's wedding.

  4. Love the brooches, the first is my fav! But tell me are the sardines & meatball soup all in the one dish?!

  5. you've been busy!!!the brooches look lovely!

  6. Beautiful brooches and the risotto looks delicious too!

  7. I love the idea and I love the outcome!
    Great flower brooches!

  8. Thanks ladies!

    @Rie: lol no that was two different days actually! I can't even imagine the combination! xo

  9. Beautiful work! Lovely reminder of your friend's wedding!


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