Monday Moodboard - Knitting mood

4:20:00 PM

Hello sweeties! Last week was really cold and my crafting mood was screaming "knit....crochet...knit...crochet". Since I've learnt to love my crafting mood over the years, I could not let it down, so I went to my mother's house, digged up all of her knitting and crochet needles, bought some yarn and was ready. Almost! I couldn't remember how to knit (or crochet!). I haven't done that for nearly (hold your breath!) 20 years! Yeap! Since I was a kid! Thankfully it took only a couple of hours on YouTube and some translating (I knew all the stitches names in Greek) and I was able to remember everything. After all it is kinda like a bicycle!
   Hopefully I will be posting some of my knitting work in the near future here and maybe in my etsy shop as well. Until then treat yourselves with these beauties!!!Aren't these great?

1.creationsbyeve, 2.Aldyscreations, 3.petitesdetails, 4.woolpleasure
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Have a wonderful lovable week!

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  1. so funny you posted that: I just took up knitting again after my son wanted to learn it. We are working on scarves, seemed like an easy enough project to start with ;)

  2. Knitting is a meditation, yes. :)

  3. lovely post.
    I had approximately the same- have a pleasure to reopen for myself Knitting World.

  4. Lovely mood! Just finished knitting my first scarf and I love it!

  5. So warm and beautiful! Thank you for including my yarn!

  6. can't wait to see your knitted projects :)gorgeous mood!!


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