Monday Moodboard - They are here!!!!

10:14:00 AM

Hello sweeties! I hope you had a great Easter with your loved ones. There was a special treat for me on Friday. My best friend gave birth to her amazing twin girls! Everybody was so releaved that they are fine and their mom too. You see they were born on the 30th week and they are so tiny!!! Now they breath on their own but they are still in the intensive infant care unit. Only they parents have seen them so far...I can't wait to take a look at them!!!!
Look at what one can find on Etsy for newborns and babies. Are these the cutest?
1. LaLaShoes, 2. PinkNounou, 3. OliveAndVince, 4. nihamaj 
Check out Star of the East blog for many amazing Monday Moodboards!  

Wishing you a great week with lots of laughs and joy!



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  1. Cute!
    All the best for the mother and the babies!

  2. So lovely, I hope the babies continue to do well and congrats to your friend! Thank you for featuring our little spotty hat here :) xx

  3. Lovelly!! Thank's for sharing your story and these cute baby items! And of course for sharing my bibs :)

  4. All the best for the mother and the girls!
    And thanks for sharing my toy)))

  5. Utterly sweet! Congratulations to your friend! :)
    Thank you for choosing my twins baby shoes :)


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