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Hello lovely friends

today I am very excited to present to you a very talented lady I've met online! Meet Charlotte from Spice Grove Desings! She makes very original delicious smelling homer decorations and she is very devoted into recycling and reusing! 

She is a nature lover, a French horn player (I'm so jealous!!!) and so much more as you're about to find out!

Name: Charlotte Swank
Occupation: Wife, Mother, adn Owner/Designer at Spice Grove Designs
With one word: Compassionate
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Spending time outdoors in nature, Crafting, Playing the French Horn, Playing with my kids
Company Mission Statement: To create beautiful funcional designs and gifts for you home using the most natural products available like dried spices, beans, moss, grasses, bark etc. 

Scented mug with candle

I love having products that add a fresh scent to my home and have tried MANY!!  But most of them left me overwhelmed with too chemical of a scent or they weren't natural smelling.  I also worried about my children getting into the product or spilling it all over their little hands.  I envisioned something that would gently scent the air while adding a unique and one of a kind look to my home. 

Spice Grove Designs got its name because some of the most wonderful memories of my life have come from being in the forest - hiking, camping or just thinking.  I imagined sitting in my favorite grove of Aspen trees and smelling all of the wonderful spices that I loved! 

coffee bean topiary

Many times an idea will be born from looking at the smallest of things in my own backyard.  I try to create designs that will bring inspiration, beauty, and joy to people just as they have brought me by making them. My customers also inspire me.  Some of my most popular items are ones that they have told me they needed or wanted! 

coffee cup design

I've never been very good at asking for help but when my Husband was deployed with the Army to Iraq for a year and our firstborn was only 6 weeks old, I learned quickly that asking for help was okay!  I still struggle with wanting to 'do it all' on my own but I've learned that when I reach out and let others help me, I may be blessing them in return.  We all know how good it feels to help someone, and I think sometimes God brings us into each other’s lives for just that reason.  I've tried to let this filter into my business especially since we've recently added another little one to the flock.  I certainly can't do it all on my own and have learned to ask my family for help when needed.  (I am a work in progress though and still need reminders to ask for help!)  I have learned more about running a quality business from asking my colleagues and peers for help than I have from any other source.

moss trees

This desire to ask for help and help others in return has blossomed very recently when my 7 year old decided to take action by helping others in need.  Because of her idea, I have added a ‘Giving Back’ section to my shop where people can purchase handcrafted finger-knit headbands, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and other accessories.  I will add other items from my product line here periodically too!  

All the proceeds will go to a designated Charity each month.  Along with the items in my shop, we will be donating some products directly to Children's Hospitals and other deserving Charities.  We recently mailed out 10 brand new headbands to a Ronald McDonald House in Canada!  Did I mention that my sweet girl does most of the knitting herself!  (I supervise of course!)  I am blessed that I am able to share the gift of helping someone else with my precious children. 

finger knit scarf

One of the best parts of owning my own business is LOVE that I can do business in my PJ’s if the need arises!!!

Did you feel inspired by this wonderful lady and her amazing kids? Well, I sure did! I feel truly happy I've met Charlotte!

You may contact her here:
Facebook:  spicegrovedesigns
Twitter: SpiceGroveDesig
Pinterest:  spicegrovedesig

Thank you Charlotte!

Smouts for now


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  1. Thank you so much for this feature Maro!!! It is beautiful!! You are amazing!!


  2. Lovely post!!! I think i can smell them from my screen! :-)

  3. Great post!
    Charlotte's creations are really amazing!Thanks for sharing them Maro!

  4. what a beautiful post, an amazing interview and adorable creations!

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