Etsy Love - Spring Wedding

2:08:00 PM

Hello lovely friends, Happy First of May!!!

My sister’s wedding is scheduled for later this month and we spend some time browsing on etsy to find ideas and inspiration.

Take a look at some of the hottest wedding trends for this season.


I think May is the second best month of the year to get married in Greece, September being the best (guess when I was married, lol) and that’s all because of the light. Those two months the sky has a different light then all the other ones. Couldn’t put it in words, could you settle for a picture? This one was taken on our day trip to Nafplion.

photo by Akamatra 

Am I right, or am I right?

Smouts for now


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  1. lovely post!!
    I'd have to disagree on May being better to ..April, I guess it's because this is when I got married :) Especially in Greece, May is already too hot..
    But I absolutely LOVE spring weddings ♥

  2. Hehehe, there goes my sky light argument, lol!!! I guess every happy bride has a favorite month!

  3. Gorgeous finds, and what a cool photo from Nafplio... With today's heat, I just want to dive in the water! Thank you for featuring my necklace :) xoxo

  4. Amazing post,great finds full of romance! I love May since my hubby has his birthday, but i got married on July, since i love summer and big days!

  5. What an amazing collection of romantic and beautiful treasures! Thank you so much sweetie for including my work :)

    Loved the gorgeous photo from Nafplio!!!


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