Raw talent - Me as a manga character

9:29:00 PM

Hello lovely friends

We were visiting my in laws house the other day and my hubby’s cousin (who lives in the top floor) was showing us her drawings.

She is a very introvert teenager but her drawings are too talented to go unnoticed no matter how hard she tries to. She seems to like me (weird I know!) and she came to me with 4-5 drawing notebooks (her mother says she has to buy 6 such notebooks a week!!!!) filled with her art.

Now what would you expect a little girl of 14 could draw about? Flowers and trees, houses and pets? Well, not this girl! She draws manga characters! Yeap she is a little cartoonist my little cousin in law. She loves watching this type of cartoons on YouTube and she can’t seem to stop drawing them.

Here is a sample of her work. I picked this one and she signed it for me. 

I chose this one because this is very close to what I would look like if I were a child at a manga comic book. I used to own such an outfit and it was my favorite! I also used to wear my hair this way. Needless to say that I was wearing hair bows as well!

I love this type of raw talent and I will support her as much as I can.

What do you think of this art? Do you like it?

Smouts for now

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  1. wow! great artist!

    beautiful picture:)

  2. Mπράβο! Ταλεντάκι η κοπέλα! Ελπίζω να το συνεχίσει.

  3. Thanks Zina! It runs in the family, lol!!!

  4. Dominika και εγώ το ελπίζω! Είναι φοβερό παιδί!!!

  5. Love her style, she's has a great future ahead of her! ;-)

  6. Love her style! She has a great future ahead of her ;-)

  7. This is so adorable!! She is a truly talented girl:)


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