Almost there...

7:51:00 AM

Hello lovely friends!

Long time since I posted here, missed it and you! But. The house renovation is almost over! There only a hundrent things to do before it is practically finished but when we started we had a gazzilion things to decide and a trillion things to do, so the math is good believe me!

It's been a difficult and tiring period. Thankfully after a painful peak at first, my fatigue has now reached a plateau. We are moving in on Sunday but we won't have the kitchen cabinet instored until the next week (never ever buy kitchen cabinets from a large company without a binding for the time of delivery contract!!!!).

I am thinking of posting photos in a later post but I really can't promise when that's going to be.

Hopefully by the start of September I will resume my bloging yet again!

Thanks for sticking around!


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  1. Great News!!!! I am looking forward for your coffee invitation to your new house!!!! with cake...ofc :)

  2. I've been there and it's surely a very difficult period and so much fuss! I wish you strength and patience, and a quick comeback to all the things you love, creating, blogging.. Have a nice summer! :-)


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