Hello February!

11:54:00 PM

Hello sweeties!

I love February for many reasons. First and formost because it's winter! I love winter more than summer of fall and equally as much as spring. I love the fact that winter is just before spring. If you didn't know I am weird you haven't been reading my blog for a long time!

My mom gave me these amazing flowers she got from our country house and they made my gray day colorful!

Aren't they amazing?

 As soon as I uploaded the photos I realised who the colors of this flower are identical to my new bracelet.

coral red suede braided bracelet

I am off to meet some beloved friends but I wanted to wish you the best February and Happy Chinese New Year too ;)

Smouts for now


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  1. wow..you are weird..that's why you are a great friend! I love Summer...sorry girl from Creta :)
    amazing flowers and I love your new bracelet!

  2. Well, although I love Winter I prefer all the great things I can do on Summer!
    Love your flower photos and your new bracelet!

  3. The bracelet is gorgeous! and the flowers of course :)


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