Time for a wedding full of color!

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Hello sweeties,

I was looking at my wedding photo album (again) this morning and decided (again) that it was indeed a wonderful wedding.

I wore an ivory wedding dress since I never really liked white on me. I was thinking about how white and ivory are the most easy choices for a bride but there are so many nice colors when looking to make the difference.

I took a stroll to www.dressv.com and browsed over their colored wedding dresses. There are a LOT of options if you don't want to go with the traditional white!

I think this light mocca one is gorgeous!

And would also like this champagne one too much!

Both the colors above are different but "safe" at the same time. You will definitely state your difference walking down the aisle wearing one of these dresses!

Then again, if you are not into the "safe" choices maybe you would like to consider something bolder? Like a red dress for example?

Can you imagine wearing a red wedding dress! How sassy would that be? I have a person in mind that if she decides to settle down and marry she would look gorgeous in it! In fact I am pretty sure she can't be married in a white dress, she's too extravagant for that!

Is it too much for you? Then you can definitely clean up well into the next one. It's a peach pink color, totally romantic and totally feminine.

You can totally shake the waters with this one! I truly love it!

However if you are set to be married into a white or ivory dress you may want to consider spicing it up a little with a colorful bow or belt. You can find some amazing choices in www.dressv.com by following this link http://www.dressv.com/color-wedding-dresses-c103389/.

My personal favorites are the two below.


I know how stressful it is to shop for a wedding dress, I've been there! You don't have to sweat it though because there are many great choices for you over at  www.dressv.com and their prices are great also!

You can totally go for a color wedding dress and make your wedding the one to be remembered as awesome! 

Smouts for now


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  1. I got married in a red dress! It was fantastic fun :-)

    1. Oh gosh how exciting! I would love to see photos! You should definitely post them in your lovely blog!!!

  2. Όσο κι αν βρίσκω πανέμορφα τα χρωματιστά, δεν μπορώ βρε παιδί μου να τα δω ως νυφικά. Πιο πολύ σε τουαλέτες μου φέρνουν! Συμφωνώ πάντως και για το ιβουάρ και για το πρωτελευταίο νυφικό :)
    Καλημέρα & καλή εβδομάδα Μάρω!

    1. Παντρέψου εσύ και βάλε ότι χρώμα θες! χεχεχε Καλή βδομάδα ασυλάκι!

  3. Εμένα το ιβουάρ δεν μου πάει τόσο, οπότε ΑΝ το αποφασίσω θα πρέπει να βάλω λευκό. Αν είπαμε ε?

  4. mine wedding dress was in champange tones with a honey gold belt and I loved it...white is not my color.


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