Four ingredients cheese pies - Easy and healthy recipe

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Hello darlings,

I've been immersed in baby love and baby smells and I am in bliss!!! She doesn't sleep much but she is a wonderful baby to be around to! I love to hold and cuddle her so much! This doesn't leave time to do much else but who cares? Nick is a wonderful dad that can put her to sleep in minutes - I love him to pieces - and I have lots of help from our families whenever I ask for it! 

Anyhow, I found a minute and wanted to share an easy recipe with you for a very fulfilling taste that is perfect for breakfast and as a snack! Cheese pies!

You'll only need four ingredients for this recipe!

A cup of sour milk
Two cups of all purpose flour
Half a cup of olive oil
300gr of feta cheese
oregano (optional)

Mix everything but the feta cheese. You'll get a soft dough. Make the dough into small round disks.

Take the feta cheese and mush it up with a fork. Add some oregano if you like the taste. With a spoon add some in the center of the disk.

Close the disk around the cheese and make into a round disk again.

Bake for 40 minutes at 150C or until they get a golden color.

Lot's of love

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  1. Μα δεν ειναι φοβερη η μυρωδια μωρουδιλας??? μιλαμε τη λατρευω και μου λειπει...οχι δεν παω για τριτο! κοιτα να τη χαρεις αυτη τη φαση οσο περισσοτερο μπορεις, εχει την πλακα της!
    οσο για τα τυροπιτακια σου...ενταξει, σε εμπιστευομαι με κλειστα τα ματια!

    1. Ειναι ερωτας σου λεω!!!!

  2. καλα τις ηλικιες αυτες τις εχω ξεχασει και για να πω την αληθεια δε μου λειπουν κιολας γιατι ειδικα ο Δημητρακις δεν κοιμοταν με τιποτα. αστα. αλλα η συνταγη σου ειναι μια καλη ευκαιρια να δοκιμαστει και να μην ξεχαστει!

    1. Να τα φτιαξεις και να μας πεις αν σου αρεσαν!

  3. Τι υπέροχη ιδέα τα τυροπιτάκια σε αυτή τους τη μορφή!!! Καλή δύναμη με το μωρούλι σου και όλα θα πάνε καλά!


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