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Cleaning can be a huge time suck! In fact, when talking about your home, it may well be the biggest time suck of all. However, the happy news is, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Technology is advancing, and amazing tools are becoming available at normal-people prices. Cleaning products are being developed and becoming more concentrated and more effective. You can jump firmly onto the bandwagon too, and make it so you spend less time cleaning your home. In exchange, you get to spend more time actually enjoying it!



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Say farewell to vacuum cleaning with a robot.

Make like Will Smith in the movie I Robot and make best friends with a Robot! No, you’re not reading an article from 2080 right now! Here and now, in this very day, you can get robots to help with household tasks. Sadly, the one we’re talking about here can’t also make your morning coffee and iron your shirt. But robotic vacuum cleaners can take care of your floors for you. Vacuum Fox has a brilliant review of eight of the best robot vacuum cleaners. A life without vacuuming… sounds good right?!


Use more effective products to clean your pets

Do you have a cat? Hypo-allergenic or not, super fluffy or not, all cats produce dander. And dander is just a nice word for dead skin! There is nothing you can do about this, but what you can do is reduce the amount of dander they shed. Using an anti-dander shampoo can help with this. If you have other pets, like dogs or rabbits, do some research into the shampoo you’re currently washing them with. If it is not the most effective one, consider the upgrade. Buying a few bottles in bulk could save you some money in the long run. And of course you’re also saving time, as less dirt around your house means less cleaning time!


Stop over cleaning!

Going over the same area multiple times is a habit that we all have. Often, we don’t realize we’re doing it. Here are some examples. You are washing your windows with a cloth and a suitable window cleaner. You rub the window over and over again; even though you got the grime off the first couple of scrubs! You are mopping your kitchen floors, but doing so in a way that you mop the same area over and over. Start treating these jobs more like mowing the lawn; you don’t go over the same patch multiple times!


Become more aware and conscious of your cleaning. Don’t just blithely wash, scrub or clean something over and over. Concentrate and you will probably see it is cleaning a lot sooner than you are giving it credit for! Of course, the chances of this are higher if you are using the right tools and chemicals. So, use a good brand of washing up liquid for your dishes, that actively breaks down grime. And use the right type of cloth; for example, a scourer could get it clean in half the time that a normal sheet cloth does!


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