Just a bit of our September

12:57:00 PM

Hello darlings,

there's a lot going on these past few days. Since we didn't got to go anywhere this summer due to the baby's arrival we took a long weekend and went to our favorite place in Nafplion. It was our first trip with the little miss and it went pretty smoothly! We swam in the sea and ate a lot of food and generally tasted a little bit of summer.

In the home front nothing much has changed. Little miss is still as adorable as ever, usually latched on my person for most of the day but that's fine! I've found ways to work around her when she's sleeping on me so there's been a lot of crocheting!

And who would've thought that I even managed to take some semi-decent photos of my triangle scarves and listed two of them on my shop! Yoo hoo!!!! Proud moment here!!!

We've also managed to book another long weekend ahead and I am super excited about that too!

What about you? How did September treat you?

Lot's of love

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