Hello darlings, technology is an innovative way to make our lives easier and more productive. It also provides us with a practical method of keeping our homes and families safe. These five simple security strategies are ones that you should consider adopting today:

 1. Make your home watertight

 A slow leak from your roof or a water pipe could end up becoming a big (and expensive) problem. When any leaks appear, it's important to get the source of the issues fixed ASAP. The last thing you want is for your family to deal with the aftermath of a major leak!

 2. Improve the curb appeal of your property

 Opportunist thieves will target a home if it looks unkempt or unlived in from the outside. Each week, set aside some time to keep your lawn manicured. Remove weeds from driveway cracks and keep fence panels stained and in good condition. Improving the curb appeal is also beneficial if you decide to sell your home one day. Evolve Real Estate owner points out that the home exterior is the first thing a potential buyer sees and well kept lawn will surely attract more buyers.

 3. Fit a security light by your front door

 It's easy for any novice DIYer to install a motion-activated security light. Worried about wiring? The good news is you can install solar-powered ones that use efficient LED lights. Security lights are also useful when you return home on a dark evening.

 4. Fit some smart heating and lighting controls

 The brilliant thing about IoT (Internet of Things) devices is they are useful in many ways! For example, you can fit smart heating and lighting controls that you can manage from afar. That means you can activate your heating and turn your lights on at set times. The latter gives would-be burglars the impression someone is at home in the evening.

 5. Get an alarm system professionally installed

 Last, but not least, an alarm that protects the doors and windows of your home is a worthy investment. Many systems can also be monitored via the Internet, and can even get linked up to security cameras.

 Infographic By Choosing home security system made easy