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you might think of yourself as trendy and fashionable, but there are still a few tips that you could learn. After all, nobody is perfect! Yet, imagining that your grandmother would be giving you some fashion lessons was probably the last thing you could have thought of! Indeed, it is true: There are a lot of precious tips from the area of fashion where your grandmother grew up in that can change your take on things even today.



#1. How To Choose Proper Underwear

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has moved away from proper lingerie boutiques where an expert advisor will measure you and get the right fit for your needs. While there is no denying that you can still find some specialist lingerie shops - and shame on you if you thought that Victoria Secret was one of them, this is a retail chain presenting only a specific type of products - most if your lingerie shopping will be done via big retailers that don’t provide you with the help you need in choosing the right fitting. In fact, over 70% of women don’t wear the right size of underwear. Your grandmother would have known exactly what to wear for her size and her shape.


#2. How To Wear Jewelry, The Classy Way

You probably have inherited some vintage jewelry from your grandmother, and you may be looking at cool night out events to wear them and shine. But, in her time, your grandmother would have known how to wear her jewelry even on all occasions, from a picnic in the park to a dinner in a restaurant. It is not uncommon for many of you to have an old jewelry box that used to be your grandmother’s. Most pieces in it are probably still easy to wear with your outfits. Yet, some are more precious than others, and that makes them more difficult to wear, such as diamond jewelry for example. If this is the case, you can solve this dilemma by trying to sell diamonds online, as this will enable you to keep only what you feel more confident wearing.





#3. How To Wear Clothes That Will Last

Your grandmother wore better-made clothes when she was your age. This is due to clothes being still primarily handmade at the time, and made out a better material than the jersey that you have probably grown used to. A smooth silhouette is easier to achieve with the right material and the right cut for your body. While you will still find some custom made clothes, it has become uncommon for people not to buy mass-produced clothes, as this is generally more affordable. If you still prefer to buy your clothes from big retailers, make sure to get them fitted by a tailor.


#4. How To Take Care Of Your Appearance

There was no relaxed fashion for your grandmother, and certainly no stay-at-home onesies! You would dress to make an impression that was relevant to the current event. In short, you’d dress specifically to go into town, even in the devastating summer heat, and differently to receive guests. But what mattered was that you would make sure that you looked appropriately elegant for every situation. This sense of elegance has been lost now, probably at the bottom of a loose tracksuit!


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