I know what you'll make this Easter!

10:30:00 AM

Hello darlings!

If your hands are restless and you feel the creative urge to be this Easter's super crafter but you are stuck on what to make, fear not! I've put together this collection of easy, cute and fun to make Easter crafts for you to choose from! One thing's for sure, you will not be bored this Easter!!!


I really want to make the hanging egg nests and the wreath so wish me luck please!

What have you planned to keep you busy this Easter? Share in the comments!

Lot's of love

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  1. The other day I found some wooden eggs and I didn't buy them! Now I'm really jealous of number 2!

  2. so beautiful ideas!!! and the cracked eggs, are amazing!

  3. ολες οι προτασεις ειναι μια και μια. εξαιτερικες!


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