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Your home is your castle and it takes more than a moat and drawbridge to keep it safe and intact. Natural and man-made disasters are something that you as a homeowner or tenant cannot control, but you can take steps to help yourself and this is disaster-proofing your home!


It may seem a little depressing, but being prepared for a disaster is a smart thing to do! You need to know that your belongings are safe, whatever happens. If you are well-prepared, you can efficiently take the right actions to make sure your home is ready to withstand anything. Disaster proofing not only saves your belongings, but it can also save lives. With these tips, you can ensure this is going to be the case:



Always use any extra space in a creative way. The power to your home is always the first thing to go during a natural disaster. Life can be very uncomfortable when the temperature is too hot due to loss of air conditioning or too cold due to loss of heating. You can freeze water in the empty spaces in the freezer so that you can cool off quickly when the air conditioning cuts out.

Mentally plan all escape routes from your home. If a natural disaster happens, you’ll need to make sure you’re not trapped should a flood or fire happen. Keep a fire axe to hand at all times and verse the whole family in the escape routes you find.

Insurance should be a big priority for you. You can buy your home rental insurance online and give yourself the chance to compare quotes and companies. Make sure your policies cover your contents for flood, fires and all manner of damage caused by emergencies. If you ensure you are covered from the outset, you can minimise the expenses should you need to claim on your insurance later on.

Securing the toys or sheds in the garden should be a top priority for you if you have a large garden. When a storm hits, loose outdoor equipment can slam into your home, causing any level of damage. If you secure these items, you’re going to minimise any potential damage.

Dry and wet flood-proof your home so that you can withstand flood waters for up to 3 days. You can then make sure that water doesn’t do too much damage on the inside while you’re busy trying to get your belongings out of there.

Don’t forget your car! Check anti-freeze levels and add freeze-resistant windshield wiper fluid. Cold weather causes the pressure in your tires to lower.


It can seem like a task that is daunting, but disaster-proofing your home can be easy with the right advice. All it takes is a little planning to keep your family safe and if you keep up to date with your insurances and your safety equipment you can feel secure in your house. Fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms should be regularly serviced for your safety. Don’t let your castle be blown down by the wind; secure yourself and your family today.


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