No sew felt angel ornament tutorial. And a lot of Christmas craft.

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Hello there darlings!

I hope November is treating you ok! It's been good on us mostly - sinus infections aside. The best part of any month is the days with the sun we get to spend in the park though! Oh, and the time I get to spend with my blogger friends!

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The other day we gathered at our usual place Terra Delicia and partied till we dropped! And by partied I mean crafted!

It was my turn to help my friends make something and since it's the season and all I came up with a cute little felt angel and a small felt tree, as decorations for our Christmas trees!

These guys are really easy to make! 


You'll need my template which you can download for free here. Please refrain from commenting on what a marvelous job I've done with this pattern! I know I am awesome! (not)

Felt in white and grey (go wild and use any color you want!)
Hot glue and hot glue gun
A small wooden bead (1cm diameter)
Black pen
Red pen

The process is very easy really.
Cut three pieces of felt according to the pattern.

Get the body piece and add glue in the longest side of it. Now bring the other side on top of the glue and hold until set. At the joining you may need to snip a bit to make it smooth so that it stands on its own. The body is ready.

Take your wooden bead and add glue on the top and glue it on the top of the body (the top being the narrow end of the cylinder).

Find the center of the wings and add glue down the middle. Glue it in the back of the body.

Likewise add glue to one of the straight sides of the hat and bring the other on top to form the hat. Glue the hat on the head (bead).

Using your pens, draw two eyes and a smile.

With the needle and thread make a loop at the top of the hat to hang it on your tree.

You are set!!!


You will need
Green felt
Brown felt
A small red pom pom
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Zig zag scissors

You don't really a pattern for this one. Take your zig zag scissors and cut small squares starting from a 2cm side and going down to 0.8cm side approximately. You will need around 20 pieces of felt so make 3-4 of each size you cut.

Put thread to your needle and thread one by one the felt pieces going from larger to smaller. Once all the pieces are through thread though your red pom pom and make a know at the end of the thread.  Do not cut the thread. Then using the same thread make a loop in order to be able to hang it from your tree.

Now cut a long strip of brown felt around 2cm wide and 6cm long and roll in into a cylinder. Glue the end of it on itself to form a log. Then glue it at the bottom of the tree with some hot glue. You are ready!!!

We also made the paper trees I showed you some years ago! My new red tray from ZakDesigns was a great help!

Look at all these goodness!!!!

These awesome photos were taken by my friends Eleni, Anna and Zina. I am thankful cause my camera is still in the repair shop and I could never take such great shots!

Stay tuned for more craft parties from our awesome magazine!

Lots of love

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  1. Now this I can make! Thanks for the pattern (and btw it's fine you are too harsh on yourself).

  2. I'm so sad I missed all the fun this time. All the crafts look amazing! Great job.

  3. we had amazing time ! the Christmas party was simply the best! Our little angels and the mini Christmas trees are already part of our decoration! Thank you for these amazing diys :)

  4. These are so cute! I will get some material and sit down for a fun weekend doing this for Christmas! It will make a fun family Sunday and lots of beautiful things to decorate around the house, X

  5. These projects are fantastic - and so simple! I'm tempted to go and attempt the paper trees right away, crafting is one thing that can keep me up far too late at night! They look like lovely projects to make with children too.

  6. I am no way as near as good as you at crafts but I am so impressed by your cute felt angels and they would make the perfect ornament for any Christmas tree! They are adorable x

  7. Wow! these are so cute, I am sure kids would love to have them around during Christmas. I will give it try this weekend, hope I can make it as good as the one in the pic. Thank you for sharing this DIY craft with us.

  8. You got some skills there! I would never be able to make it ha! But i would love to try maybe over the weekend. Thanks for putting it together :)

  9. These look so cute and craft party sounds like so much fun! It must be great to get together with like minded people and do things you love the most! Thanks for sharing and get well soon from the sinus infection!
    Do drop by my blog as well : :)

  10. Wow! Timely and creative. Definitely my nieces would love and enjoy to join me to creating this stuff. Would be a cute decoration this season. thanks for sharing this post.

  11. Crafts for christmas yeey!They are too cute to not admire and would be loved by my little siblings a bunch! Had never thought of making decorations before.Thanks for the DIY

  12. These are all so cute, but I think the paper tree must be my favourite! I used to make a lot of decorations when I was little, maybe I should go back to it, as I just love the ones you've made here!

  13. They're so cute! I made some of these for my nieces and nephews and now they want me to make them a barbie doll and an optimus prime??? Help xD

  14. So many great ideas not only for kids but for everyone... I feel like crafting and doing DIY things is an anxiety relief so it's amazing! However, will share this with a 3rd grade teacher I know, she'll want to do this activity with the kids as of Christmas is around the corner.

  15. So cute ornaments . Yea Christmas coming soon . We actually don't celebrate Christmas but Christmas is a big even here in Bali island . As an international Island with a number of tourist every years coming , Christmas also become a big even , not for us but for all visitors who would like to spend their time in our island during Christmas and new year

  16. The Christmas decorations are so cute and easy to make. I always prefer to make my own, and personalized cards rather than buying. It helps me to get creative and more into the Christmas spirit.

  17. So creative! I love how I can see how to do this, step by step. It is so wonderful. I am getting ready to start Christmas deco so I am so happy for this post! Sheri


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