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Hello darlings! (Said with a British accent it would sound like dawwwlings)
It’s been years since I went to London last and this is a post for my husband Nick to see and figure out he needs to take us there. I’ve been there, he’s been there, but we haven’t been there together. Honey, it’s time!

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I have to admit that every time we go on a trip, Nick’s the most organized of us. Shocking I know, but it’s true.

He is the one that will spend hours online researching. He’s searching for the best hotel for our budget, reading every single critique on the booking sites. He can spend weeks searching for places to eat only to trust a random friend leaving me to eat cold spaghetti and having to get a nose piercing.

But when it comes to sightseeing I am the one spending weeks online! I have the cunning ability to organize our sightseeing program in a way that it will allow us to get the most done in the amount of time we have on our hands. I’ve been told I am cruel by both Nick and my feet after walking for about 18 kilometers per day, but YOLO and shut up!

So, next time we get to go to London, we’ll get the London Explorer Pass and here’s what we’ll see:

The London-Eye

There’s something about this giant Ferris wheel that makes it a must-see in London. There is a reason it’s the most popular attraction in the UK and, in my humble opinion, the reason has to do more with connecting to the British people state of mind than the excellent views it offers to the public.

For me the British people are proud, resilient and super cool. All these treats along with their exceptionalism – due in large to their love for anything imperial – are reflected to the London Eye. A giant wheel, that’s put in place to slowly and securely lift people up and put them back down. To me it’s like they found a way to visualize the motto “Keep calm and carry on”, with this wheel.

I’ve been there before but it was under typical English weather and I couldn’t really enjoy the experience. So I need a repeat performance in the arms of Nick no less! Nick, wink wink!

The view from up there on a clear day is spectacular!

It’s also very romantic by night and it could be the starting point of a night out!

The eye is very photogenic in itself, don’t you agree?

Westminster Abbey

Although I did see it in passing the last time I was in town, I haven’t actually been inside. And I really want to see the place that holds so much history!

I am not one to daydream about being a princess and marrying a prince  (although some might argue that I did marry a prince) but I do thing I’d love to see the place where Prince William married Catherine Middleton. I’d also like to see the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton.

Saint Paul’s cathedral

Even if you are not a huge fan of architecture and churches you can’t help but love this one! With one of the most impressive domes in Europe it’s one of the most recognizable sights in the UK capital.

Its history is so vast this post will never do it justice. 

My favorite piece of trivia concerning Saint Paul’s is the use of the steps in the Mary Poppins film during the song Feed the birds.

I promise to not start signing once you take me there, Nick.

Tower Bridge exhibition

You don’t have to be an engineer to enjoy this bridge. Although if you are or if you like mechanics and finding out how things work, a visit to the engine rooms will leave you in awe! Yes, Nick that’s a hint!

I think Tower Bridge may be one of the best Instagrammable places in London. The view of the river Thames is absolutely magnificent and this is aided even more by the glass floor!

 Come on Nick, have I made my case yet or what?

The Big Ben

Do I really need to comment on this one? 

If there is one picture associated with the lovely tea-drinking Brits is the sight of this clock. Oops sorry, my bad. Big Ben is not a clock. The Big Ben is actually the name of the tower (the official name is Elizabeth tower) and the clock’s name is The Great Clock. Who was Ben, no one really knows (or can prove) but that doesn’t matter.

Don’t loose a chance to take a photo in front of Big Ben and make a note that the tower will open for (certain) visitors in 2020. 

Nick, I don’t want to go inside the darn thing so please don’t use this as an excuse to delay our trip. I just need three days in London honey!

Have you been to London? What’s your favorite attraction there? Please help me convince Nick to take me there again!!!

P.S.: All those amazing photos are a courtesy of my friend Christos Lampropoulos.

Lots of love

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  1. I love London! I didn't know that bit of trivia about the cathedral!

  2. I love visiting London. I would really like to explore the city with my children and take them on the London Eye. It would be amazing for them to see the sights across London from such a unique perspective.

  3. London looks like such an amazing place to visit! I would love to take a trip there someday. The Tower Bridge exhibition interests me the most!

  4. One for your next trip: the Sky Garden, for a stunning view of London. As good a view as from the Shard but free.

    And let me know when you come back - I live near, I will take you for a fantastic cocktail :)

  5. I really hope your Nick takes you there! So much to see and do in London dear :)

  6. Being a big art fan, my favorite part are the galleries - and of course I love that they are for free and open every day of the week. But actually there are so many things to do in London - plus it's constantly changing, that one trip is by far not enough. Did you go to the service at Westminster Abbey? That's also very nice - and it's a good way of visiting ;-) So, Nick, take her there again - off you go!

  7. Gorgeous photos. I love London and have been to all of these landmarks, they are so monumental in our country, I feel so small whenever I'm in London!

  8. I visited London a few years ago but I didn't get a chance to see London-Eye. London itself is a lovely city offer incredible sites to visit.

  9. Great pictures! I haven't been to London, and I don't know if I'll get a chance to go there. Your pictures make me wanna visit it!

  10. It's been decades since I've been to London. Looks like lots of new things to see. I certainly don't remember a ferris wheel!

  11. My husband and I have always wanted to visit London. If we're ever lucky enough to, you can bet we'll be taking a ride on the London-Eye (for him) and eating our weight in local British food (for her). ps: Come on Nick! A trip to London because your wife is the sweetest and sexiest woman you know? x

  12. I've wanted to visit London for such a long time now. When (not if, when) Nick takes you back there, could you also convince him to bring me along too? Hahaha. Tower Bridge and Big Ben are must sees for me. Sigh, one day.

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  13. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting London yet, and the London-Eye is definitely on my travel bucket list.

  14. Oh I love London! It's been a long time since I visited there, I think my husband also needs to take me back for a holiday.

    Lennae xxx

  15. Ι want to go to London now!!!!!! I have never been there before (shocking I know...) and this is the time! Your post is really helpfull! thank you

  16. I'd be excited to check out all of these places. I just love London. When I go back, I want to go on a Henry VIII tour and see all his palaces.

  17. I have NOT been to London in what feels like EONS! I went to York about 2 years ago (in the winter - MISTAKE)... But it ain't LONDON that's for sure!

  18. When we went to London we did all of these! We love London so much!

  19. i know all these places! I find London one of the best cities in the world to see great metropolitan panoramas from!

  20. I remember as a kid seeing London in the movies and hoping someday I'll get to visit. Still haven't gone but it sure looks like a beautiful and fun place!

  21. I have a few friends that just moved to London. I get to see their fun escapades in Facebook and it really makes me want to visit. For now, however, it will remain on my bucket list. Your friend Christos took some really amazing photos!

  22. I feel like you could definitely fit all these must-see attractions into a short trip since it's easy to get around London. Isn't the architecture so pretty? Some of the older building are beautiful.

  23. I absolutely love London, the hustle and bustle, the architecture, the art and cultures is so amazing. One of my favourite things to do is to spend a day wandering around the Tate

  24. Oh these are great! I guess at London Eye, it will be romantic during nighttime with all the lights on!

  25. London sure has plenty to offer, I hope one day I'll have the chance to visit. I root for you that your husband gets the signs and takes you there asap...

  26. I have been thinking more recently where I want to go for my bucket list and London is one of them. I will have to keep this in mind when I go. Thanks.

  27. I visited London a month or so ago and it was such a wonderful experience visiting all of the great places you mentioned in this post.

  28. I will be using your blog post in my English class. Thanks!AriadnefromGreece!

  29. O wow those are some amazing sights to see. I can't wait to visit London.!

  30. You captured London well. I grew up there and it remains one of my favorite cities.

  31. wow ! I love visiting London. Awesome Pictures


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