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Hi there lovely friends, how have you been?

I have been in a weird mood these days. I spend quite a lot of time online and I miss being outside in the “real” world. Having an online business doesn’t help either, lol!

I miss strolling through markets with colourful items. Seeing people and going window shopping was a great mood improvement for me. No-shopping shopping therapy I used to call it!
Paris flower market 

Paris flower market 
So I’ve decided to post some of my favourite real market places I’ve visited in the past, just for the fun of it!

Riga's flower market 

Riga's market 
Nothing can compare to the freshness of a fruit and vegetable market! The colors are amazing and the smells are fantastic!

Milan fruit market 

Strawberies near Monastiraki station (photo by my dear friend Elif Ertn)

A pottery shop in Chania's central market 

Do you have a favourite market place? Is it real or an online one? Please share, I love discovering new markets!

Smouts for now


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  1. I love markets too!!! They are so colorful, and they are so alive with colors, smells and sounds! Everywhere I travel, I always make sure to visit local markets! I loved Berlin's markets (both generic markets and the wonderful craft markets), and I remember a wonderful market in Prague too! Oh... you made lovely memories come alive! :)
    Polla filakia!!!

  2. Πολλά φιλάκια Annuk!!! We share the same taste on beautiful views!!!

  3. I want to go to Paris!!!!!!!!!!!

    great post Aka! thank you for sharing!

    and yes..real life is important, so let's go for a coffee! or ice cream... or cake...or beer.. get the point!

  4. I am in! Let's go to Paris for a coffee!!!


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