Hello darlings!

Happy New Year!!!!! Wow, I've been absent for so long I don't even know where to start! I feel like my little blog will give up on me waiting for a new post, lol! Well, life happens and one has to allocate her time accordingly I guess!

But fret no more, I am back and I am here to blog! I have so many things to tell you about the last couple of months, and so many things to share and make! I want to tell you all about our Secret Santa exchange that Zina organized, about the craft supplies exchange that Anna organizes every year, about how I won a new camera with your precious help when I was nominated for the Guide of the Year 2015 award, I want to show off my very first and so delicious Vasilopita recipe and so much more!

For now I leave you with my warmest wishes for the new year! May it be filled with laughter and joy, rest and cuddles, late mornings in bed and lots of chocolate!!!