Hello darlings,

during the last years with the financial crisis having made our lives so difficult, I tried to find ways to save up as I am sure all of you do. I have an awesome father in law who always searches and finds the best deals of the market and lets us know about them.

I am pretty sure you all know Groupon Coupons. How can't you, they have more than 66k free coupons available! Those guys have coupons for just about everything! From your garden to your laptop and from your kids clothes to your favorite fragrance! 

The best part about those coupons though are the getaways! You know, when you need to spend some time away from the city but the budget is just not enough? Check the Groupon first! You may find what you're looking for and in an even better hotel too! You see, not all hotels are 100% booked throughout the year and they offer great deals on odd weekends.


It's also very easy to navigate their site and find exactly what you are looking for. Just be careful and don't forget to check the food in the oven every now and then!


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Have you used coupon before? Any tricks you wanna share?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but, as always, all opinions are mine!

Lot's of love