Moving home is recognised as one of the most stressful tasks known to us. But it can now be made much easier with a plan in place.

Priorities will differ between each household, and not everyone’s planning will look the same, but there are fundamentals that can be abided by. When you endure the feeling of having the weight of the world on your shoulders, it becomes scarily easy to forget some of the essential preparation.

Weeks Out

When weeks out from the big move it’s important to get some of the following things into place.

 Packing- This is a case of prioritising correctly. For instance, you wouldn’t pack your toothbrush with weeks to go until you move. Start gradually boxing up some of the items you are less likely to use on a daily basis.

 Letters- Phone around all companies that you deal with and inform them of a change of address. You don’t want companies sending letters to the new residents when you leave.

 Car License- Get in touch with the DVLA or the appropriate organisation that deals with your driving license. It is illegal to drive with the wrong address on your license, so be sure to send off for a new one that states your new address.


·      Bank- Another integral company to inform of your move. Your bank will need to know of your change due to security reasons.


·      Doctor- Depending on how far you’ve moved, you may need to relocate your GP surgery. Check if you are inside your current doctor’s radius. If you aren’t then it’s time to look for a new doctor’s surgery.


·      School- If you have a young family then be sure to prepare a move of school. Again, this is dependant on how far you have relocated. Find out what schools are in the area and take it from there.

     Days Out


·      Van- Find a moving company that can cater for you. You will need a large van to shift all your precious products and you may need the manpower too.

·      Help- Don’t be too proud to get some of that much-needed help from family and friends. Plant the seed months before but get in touch with them days before too, this way you can confirm that you still have that handy assistance you need.

·      Tools- It might not be as simple as loading up a moving van, so find all the practical tools you will need to take everything down and put the furniture back up again.


Get yourself moved into your dream house while eradicating unnecessary tips. Once the moving of items is out the way, you may wish to start decorating your home using some insightful tips. Make your life easier with this useful moving home checklist.