59+1 random things you didn't know about me

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Hello darlings,

I have been reading all the wonderfully personal posts from many blogger friends these last weeks about 59+1 things about themselves. This whole thing started from this wonderful blog Little Box of Luv and it has spread in our little Greek blogger community. Usually I don't share personal things on the net, I am an internet introvert in some ways. This time however I find I want to reach out and share some things about me cause I am weird that way!

So here goes nothing:

1. While writing this post's title, I kept thinking to myself, "no one cares babe"!!!
2. I am right handed.
3. I am not right in my mind.
4. My first memory is of the 1981 earthquake in Athens. I was 3 years old. I shouldn't remember this so that confirms number 3 of this list.
5. I have been crocheting and knitting and making jewelry since I was 6 years old.
6. I have a PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry which I completed in 3.5 years. 
7. I am very proud of my PhD. 
8. I worked 4 jobs during the time and it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life so far.
9. I gave birth naturally. I enjoyed it very much. It was NOT the hardest thing I ever went through.
10. I rely on my friends but I manage well on my own.
11. I was going to get married in Cyprus but he cheated on me. After that I was alone for 7 years.
12. Nick is the love of my life.
13. I hate to iron my clothes.
14. I love to read books.
15. I love to read e-books.
16. I have an implant tooth.
17. I used to wear braces. 
18. My teeth are still crooked.
19. No, I don't have an obsession with teeth.
20. I enjoy de-cluttering more than Monica from Friends.
21. I adore dancing and have trained for many different kinds. I do hip-hop the best!
22. I used to go to the gym for 8 hours per week. That was during my 7-years-without-a-boyfriend time.
23. I miss being fit.
24. I can't eat rabbit.
25. I wish I could be a vegetarian.
26. Each time I have my hair cut, I hurt.
27. I don't like being lied to.
28. My first trip was in Italy with an exchange student program when I was 16 years old. I loved it! I stayed for almost a month and made great friends. I hated Venice due to the smell.
29. I love to travel with Nick. It's my favorite thing in the world!
30. After a very bad plane trip from Cyprus to Greece I am scared shitless of flying. 
31. Whenever I need to travel by plane I get drunk before getting on the plane. 
32. I have been warned not to cry so hard cause I scare the other passengers. On the plane. That is on the thin air. That it can crash in the hard earth AT ANY TIME! How can any one (which has a number 3 on their list) not cry about that?
33. I have also tried Lamaze breathing during flying. The girl next to me was sure I was going to give birth or something. I shit you not!
34. I love the opera.
35. If all the cats that have been through my life (and houses) were alive today I would be a crazy cat lady for sure!
36. My two favorite persons growing up was my maternal granpa Alekos and my granmas' (his wife) sister Kalliopi. I miss them so much it hurts.
37. I am super proud of my roots from Crete, Asia minor, Italy and Constantinople.
38. I lost my daughter's twin just before making it into the 12th week.
39. I love my dad more. Well kinda. Okay maybe not.
40. I am scared shitless that I will do something that will mess up my daughter.
41. I give thanks everyday for having Nick by my side.
42. I feel guilty for neglecting my cat these last two months.
43. I give thanks everyday for having Nick by my side. Yes I know I wrote it twice!
44. I don't use salt when I cook. Please refer to number 3 of the list.
45. The first thing I notice on a man is his fingers.
46. I love it when I can have long and nicely painted nails.
47. I snore. 
48. When a room is not tidy I can't sleep at night. Please refer to number 3 of this list, again.
49. I need alone time every now and then.
50. I gave up smoking more than 6 years ago and haven't missed it a bit.
51. I gave up coffee a little over 4 years ago. I only miss it when I can't have tea.
52. I will never give up tea.
53. I am trying to give up sugar. It's not working.
54. I wasn't a morning person until I gave birth to one.
55. I cry the most when I read books.
56. I love ice cream all year long.
57. I have been known to cook well.
58. I want to breastfeed little miss till she's 2.
59. I am lost to the world when she smiles.

Wow!!!! I can't believe I wrote this! It was a great experience you should try it yourself!!!!

Lot's of love

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  1. 45 same here!! It's an obsession i think!
    Congrats on your PhD!! Χαράς την όρεξη σου!
    How come you have so many connection with Cyprus?
    Εγώ παντως σε απόλαυσα και σου εύχομαι σύντομα να αποκτήσεις ακόμα ένα μωράκι!!!

    1. Thank you. Όσο για τη Κύπρο άστο πονεμένη ιστορία αλλά παραμένει λατρεμένος τόπος.

  2. εντάξει...σχεδον επεσα απο την καρεκλα να σε φανταζομαι μεσα στο αεροπλανο να κλαις κ να στη λενε ολοι κ η κοπελια διπλα σου τη φατσα που θα ειχε! χαχαχαχαχα αναπαρασταση, παιζει???

    1. Ένα θα σου πω. Ο Νίκος έχει ετοιμάσει παρουσίαση για το stand up comedy βασισμένη στο φόβο μου. Θα χεστει στο γέλιο!

  3. Και τη μαμα μου μεθυσμενη τη βαζουμε κοριτσι μου στο αεροπλανο!!!! Χαχαχαχααχχα!!! Εισαι θεα!!! Χαιρομαι που διαβασα αυτες τις λεπτομερειες για σενα!!! Οσο για το +1 σου σε νιωθω απολυτα!!! Σε φιλω!!!

  4. Εντάξει .. πρόσθεσε άλλη μια μεθυσμένη στα αεροπλάνο. Μα τι μυστήριο πλάσμα είσαι εσύ ... μμμ μετά από το διάβασμα με μια λέξη θα σε χαρακτήριζα ως Superwoman ... δεν ξέρω αλλά ετσι μου βγήκε ένας τέτοιος δυναμισμός από τις απαντήσεις.
    υγ. έχασα και εγώ ακριβώς στις 12 εβδομάδες το σποράκι μου :((

  5. Ok we have 3,13,14,17 and 27 in common!
    WOW for 11 and 30! 37 is nice!
    I am sorry about the baby!

  6. Αχ Μαρω επιτελους καποιος που λεει οτι φοβαται τα αεροπλανα επισης! Ποτε δεν ειχα προβλημα και ακομα πεταω πολυ συχνα (η ψυχη μου το ξερει), αλλα ειχαμε παρολιγον ατυχημα περυσι στο Λονδινο και απο τοτε καθε φορα που ειναι να πεταξω το χιλιοσκεφτομαι!
    Επισης, σε θαυμαζω που δουλευες παραλληλα με το διδακτορικο σου, ενω εχω υποτροφια και καλυπτονται τα εξοδα, εχω μια part time δουλεια (και το μπλογκ) και πιστευω κανενας δεν καταλαβαινει ποσο δυσκολα ειναι!
    Να χαιρεσαι το κοριτσακι σου! Αν ερθεις ποτε προς τα μερη μας στειλε μνμ.


  7. Γέλασα και συγκινήθηκα! Υπέροχη εμπειρία αυτό το παιχνίδι πραγματικά.
    Στο τέλος της ανάρτησης σκέφτηκα: τυχερός αυτός ο Nick.

  8. You are just unbelievable and hilarious even in English. Αυτο που μας εστελνες στο 3 συχνα πυκνά να το δουμε λιγακι ναι???? Χαχαχχαχαχ
    Φιλια πολλα και περισσοτερα στην μπεμπουκα στα πατουσακια!
    Να περνατε ομορφα

  9. Εντάξει σε αγάπησα λίγο παραπάνω μετά από αυτό το 24 και το 40 ταύτιση... Και αυτά με το Νίκο απλά βάλε Γιάννη στη θέση τους. Και έγω να δηλώσω δημόσια όταν δεν έχω δει άνθρωπο να κάνει βελονάκι πιο γρήγορα από τη Μάρω !!!!! Πολλά πολλά φιλιά και με το καλό τα επόμενα μωράκια σου !! Φιλιά!

  10. Μισώ το σίδερο!!
    Αγαπώ το βιβλία!!!
    Πάμε να κάνουμε κίνημα;;;;

  11. Just think of me being there and ironing for you! I am so glad there is another Greek OCD Monica out there!

  12. ειναι τελειο να σε γνωριζουμε! πολλα, ουτε τα φανταζομουν καν!


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