Hello September!

1:31:00 PM

Hello dearest darlings,

I am in such a good mood today I amaze myself! Especially if you consider the two very difficult previous days with lots of tears and screaming due to colics. Ugh, no fun at all! But today she is all smiles and ah-gous and peacefull sleeping! Yeah for the small favors, right?

And it's the first day of fall, one of my four favorite seasons, lol! I love September and the back to school feeling it brings! It makes me want to go pencil shopping, lol! It also makes me want to crochet more if that's possible!

This posts photo was taken a few months back during a guided walk in Aiolou street in Athens. The little swallows were waiting their mother to feed them and their cries got our attention. I was 7 months pregnant then and now I can totally relate with their mother's hussle!!!

So, I wish you all peacefull days and nights and a warm, easy fall!!!

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