A little loaf of bread

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Hello darlings,

this is kind of a long post but stay with me, will you?

Back in July, the first morning home I got to spend alone with little miss, after Nick got back to work, I gave her her nickname and that's what we call her ever since. She was sleeping next to me in bed and then begun to slowly wake up. I got her up in my arms and she was so soft and warm, like a little loaf of bread. I have been calling her that ever since: Little loaf of bread, or Φρατζολάκι (fratzolaki) in Greek.

In the weeks since then I take her for strolls in the morning to do some chores and just spend time away from the house. I think it's for both our benefit, if not mostly for mine! Anyhow, one of those days I was walking down a road and I found a 20 euro bill laying in the middle of the street. I picked it up and went my way. 

You'll need a little background story to get why I was unaffected by the finding of money. I am not rich (in money that is). It just happens to me often! Maybe it's because I look down a lot when I walk, maybe I am just observant or just "lucky", I don't know. It just happens. A lot. Like once every few months. Some times is just low value coins, others is a 20 euro or a couple of bills, things like that.

Anyhow, some months ago while pregnant with Fratzolaki I went for a walk with my friend and I found 15 euros in bills. When I told Nick he said I should give them to someone who needs them, since we really can do fine without them. I found the thought noble and did just that. I added a bit of my own money and gave it to a family I knew needed them.

When I told him about the 20 euro I found the other day, I said they will pay my gym for a month. He said: "You know better than that, what to do with this money. Someone lost it, you haven't earned it, you don't really really need them, so do what you must". I got to tell you, he kind of embarrassed me. I mean ok, I don't really really need it, I just wanted to spend it on something fun you know (yes gym is fun for me, I love to dance). But then I got to thinking and came up with a wonderful idea, if I may say so myself!

I thought I would buy yarn with this money and make things like hats and mittens and scarves to give away to those in need. Kind of like a charity. I would match the amount I found and add to it if needed depending on what needs I'll come across. The name of this act is going to be "A little loaf of bread" and I will start working on it right away. 

This is NOT an act of altruism all together you know, it's for my benefit too! Because you know what is even more fun than dancing? Crocheting!!!!

Nick said I should keep it quiet, make the stuff, give it away, tell no one. As you know by now he's a better person than me. 

I am writing this post as a pledge and as a pleading. I pledge to make and give away all that I can with this money (which is not much and no one could possibly think of 50 euros as charity, but I can probable make more than 20 kids hats and mittens with them) and keep the act alive as much as I can. And not just for the holidays, but throughout the winter when there is more need. I will keep you updated on instagram and facebook. Look for the #littleloafofbread or #φρατζολάκι. 

This post is also a pleading to all of you to do the same if you come into my place. If you find money and you really really don't need them, give them to someone who does, or make something they need.

I think I am going to start making hats for the homeless of Athens and give them away with a loaf of bread. It's a start isn't it?

Last note. Please refrain from telling me I am a good person for doing something like that. I am not, really. Nick on the other hand...

Lot's of love

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  1. You know what i loved in this idea? That you did not hesitate to do something seemingly small. Most of the time i have thoughts that this or that action is way too small to fill a huge gap of needs that people in need usually have. Stupid thoughts, i know, that hold me back on giving even the little that i can. Small things do matter. And most importantly, if everyone did their small things, something really huge would come out. Thank you for sharing. It sure was a lesson for me.

    1. Thanks! I had the exact same feeling (still do) about it being so small it will not make a difference. But I'm doing to anyway. It will make a difference for me :)

  2. Nice idea Maro. I do not know to crochet so...maybe another craft...

    1. Whatever you do for others in need is a difference! And we've done together a couple of things right? Keep walking dear friend!!!

  3. What a lovely idea!! This happens to me as well but I really consider it bad luck keeping them (ok everyone has his own issues!!) The last time I run to a 50euro bill it just dropped from some fellow's pocket in the super market. Giving it back made us both very very happy!! I agree with Nick on the charity attitude, except for when you want to rise a very big amount!!!!

  4. How very inspiring! I like the give and take between you and Nick.

  5. Such a sweet story! Hope you keep finding money and keep using it for good deeds!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. This is so good Maro! I am really proud of you and all the kindness you're spreading with this message!

  7. καταπληκτικη ιδεα! κατι τοσο απλο σα σκεψη και ομως δυσκολο ακομα και αυτο να σκεφτουμε...

  8. i do that lot i do not look up to much we were on the carnaval lot we go around to the lot and can and there were money alot


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