When you’re putting together your rooms and choosing your interior design, make sure you spare some thought for the lighting! Not just for practical reasons, the right lighting is an important thing to get right to create the best look in your home. You don’t want to spend time, money and effort choosing the right furniture and decor just to have it all displayed in an unflattering light. Here are a few of the reasons why good lighting is paramount to your interior design.


It Sets The Ambience

Home is a place where you want to feel cozy and comfortable, and recharge ready for whatever life throws at you. Along with luxurious furniture and snuggly soft furnishings, the lighting also plays an important role. Low lighting is perfect for relaxing in in the evening. Try out some different bulbs to give you the best effect. Adding a few flickering candles as an additional light source is also worthwhile. This creates a lovely homely environment- especially now the weather has cooled down.


It Adds To The Design

Good lighting can make your home look expensive and well thought out. They can also add towards the theme of your room. For example, if you’re going for a glamorous feel then a gorgeous chandelier will help to bring the design to live. Whether it’s cool modern looking spotlights or something totally unique, your lighting should be thought out just as much as all of the other components in the room. You could browse a lighting shop or search a website such as Quoizel for ideas. Another way lighting will add (or detract!) from the room is due to the color it gives off. Some rooms will look stark or strange with certain bulbs or colors cast from light fittings. Again experimenting with different bulbs is a good idea here, ideally, go for something that’s neither too warm or too cool.


It Makes The Space More Functional

Most of us don’t have enormous homes with a separate room for each function. Rooms often serve multiple purposes, for example, your living space might also double up as a dining room, office or craft area. Different light sources can change the mood and help the room perform each different function. For example, for watching the tv in the evening, you’re probably going to want a very soft, ambient light. For eating or generally relaxing, you’ll want something a little brighter. For reading or crafts, a task light or brighter lamp such as a floor lamp aimed down over your chair will be useful. Having a variety of different light sources in the room is the way to go about this. So along with your overhead light, you’d add a couple of smaller lamps, a floor lamp or maybe even wall mounted sconces. That way you can easily adjust the lighting to whatever you’re doing.