How to cope with the holiday blues

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Hello there my darlings!

As holidays are upon us and I keep writing my Christmas Gift Guides for this year, I had a thought. Not everyone is a happy go lucky kid during the holidays. Shocking I know but there many people out there that hate them!

And I am not just talking about being a Grinch or hating shopping and the commercialization of Christmas. I am talking about being blue during the festivities, feeling depressed and in a bad mood.

I get it! I used to be like that from time to time. But since I hated being in that mood, I developed some tricks to help me snap out of it.


I used to say “Be British” when I was feeling down. So, I’d establish a habit of drinking tea in the afternoon. I would go the whole nine yards too. I would boil water and put it in a teakettle. Then I’d use a very nice quality loose leaves English tea and set the timer to let it steep accordingly.

The routine is relaxing and as you focus on making your tea, your miles-a-minute mind takes a much needed rest.

Then as you sip your tea, all the great ingredients it contains help soothe and calm you while keeping you alert. For me tea is the best of two worlds. It’s not enough caffeine to make your nerves on edge like coffee does but it’s not going to put you to sleep either.


This is a very potent mood swinger! Music can lift you up or totally put you down so choose wisely. And I am pretty sure Christmas songs over and over again can make you mad!

I am a hard rock girl through and through so that and classical music would be my music of choice. I’d steer away of my favorite operas, since they sound really sentimental to me and go for the more dynamic songs. However, there was one song that I would never tire of hiring and although it was the definition of moody songs, it kind of work beneficially on me.

The sound of silence from Simon and Garfunkel. 
I’ve always turned to this song when I was feeling down. I still do. And the last couple of years I love the version of Disturbed. 

I mean the lower octave used in the start is a game changer. One of those times when the rendition is as good as the original!


This is self-explanatory isn’t it? Either your friends love the holidays or not, they can be a light at the end of your tunnel and help you through.
Let them take you out for a drink or dinner and talk about everything or nothing. They are your friends they can handle your silence too!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went for a book when I was feeling out of shorts. It’s my number two therapy regime.

Grab a book and let it guide you through the pace of the story. Loose yourself in the troubles or joys of the characters and let your own problems sit in the corner for a while. Who knows, at the end of the book your spirits may have lifted. Or not! Either way an hour spent reading a book is an hour of your life well spent!


This is my number one trick to lift my spirits and make me smile! Even if you are not a seasoned crafter you can still gain the rush of the endorphins once you make something you like.

Try a coloring book for adults or just doodles on your diary.

I highly reccoment trying crochet. There are tons of videos on Youtube even for someone who hasn’t held a crochet hook in his hands before.


It doesn't work for everybody but keeping busy with preparing a meal serves a dual purpose. 

One, it will keep you busy with your hands and your head may catch a break and two, you'll get to eat some comfort food. That's if you know how to cook. If you don't then you're screwed but that's what friends are for ;)

That's it, that's what I used to do for a lift-me-up. Now I don't have to do much, I just take a look at Natalia. She smiles at me and I am set!

What about you? What are you doing to keep the holiday blues at bay?

Lots of love

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  1. I actually love Christmas and don't get the blues but those tips are great anyway.

  2. Man, I could listen to that song all day...

  3. I have a friend who has seasonal affective disorder. She has a panel of special lights (like a tabletop lighted personal mirror) that she uses to help lift her mood. I am lucky not to have this disorder, but I am like anyone else who can have a day or a series of days of feeling "off" and disheartened. For me, tea is soothing, also I like listening to guided meditations in a quiet room. Alternatively, if the weather is nice outside, a good brisk walk in the park is a welcome diversion.

  4. This is definitely a great list of things to overcome the blues for sure. I would also add spending time in the great outdoors. Just being out among beautiful nature can do wonders to allow you to reflect and feel so much better about yourself.

  5. For me, it's cooking and tea to overcome the sadness. I do also do some activity such as meditation and yoga at home. This two helped me a lot!

  6. Sweet and a very well-written post. Holiday season can be depressing if you are alone in a new city with no friends or family to spend time with. That has happened to me in the past and music helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing.
    Do drop by my blog as well : :)

  7. My plan to fight the holiday blues is to start planning the next one :P

  8. My plan to fight the holiday blues is to start planning the next one :P

  9. I used to get the holiday blues when I lived in Chicago. The last couple of years I've lived on an island around the holidays and just being in the sun has helped me tremendously. These are great tips if I were back somewhere cold.

  10. Thanks for sharing! These are all great tips! I’m mostly just excited to have a week off of work for Christmas!

  11. I love all of these ideas for coping with holiday blues! I usually make myself a nice cup of tea and stick my headphones in so I can listen to my music in peace. It helps SO much :)

    Louise x

  12. Having family and friends around helps to avoid the holiday blues as it gets darker more quickly. But doing something constructive does as well. Focusing on positive things always helps.

  13. Great tips, mainly because they are filled with understanding and empathy. I think a good thing to do is to be aware that holiday blues is a quite common issue, that if you suffer from that you are not alone, nor weird.

  14. Ya. Its tea and musis for me too. Nothing like a cup of hot tea to get your strings together after a holiday!


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