Theater show - down. The West End vs Broadway.

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Hello darlings!

Ever since Natalia was born, 19 months ago, the one thing we really missed was going to the theater. We used to go to the theater once every month or so and when I could persuade Nick we went to the movies too! The only show we've seen since June of 2016 has been two - very entertaining - baby shows. 

I've been writing down shows I want to see since I was younger and Broadway was like a mythical thing. I've been to London but never did make it to the theater.  

For theater enthusiasts like myself, both London's West End and New York City's Broadway offer top-notch shows full of glitter and glam. From plays to music theater, you won't find a shortage of choices in either location. The infographic below defines the differences and similarities between the two. Of course, London claims the oldest theaters, dating back to the mid-1600s. Although Broadway joined in later, at the beginning of the 20th century, it quickly caught up with its British counterpart. Additionally, both theater districts occupy spaces in the middle of exciting visitor destinations.

The West End and Broadway have close to the same amount of theaters, but the tickets in London cost about half of what they do in New York City. Whatever the cost, each season welcomes about 13 or 14 million patrons who choose their favorite shows from distinctive offerings. Rarely do both theater districts run the same shows at the same time. Occasionally, when a show such as "Phantom of the Opera" receives rave reviews, performances will coincide on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although attendance is similar, Broadway secures more profits due to its higher ticket prices. Never fear, though: When you consider quality and talent, both London's West End and Broadway offer the best theater experiences. You'll rarely be disappointed attending a show in either city. And since both theater districts occupy space amid internationally famous landmarks, plenty of restaurants and shops wait for visitors to explore them. Study the infographic above and decide which location suits you the best.

Have you've been to a theater lately? What did you see? Any good shows to share?

Lots of love

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  1. I love to go to the movies and the occasional theater. I love Greek tragedy for a weird reason, lol!

  2. Πότε θα πάμε ένα Broadway φιλεναδα, ε πότε;;;;;

  3. I had no idea the tickets in London cost half as much as NYC. How nice is that! This comparison really shows how alike and different the theaters are. I have never been to London, but I do enjoy a good broadway show! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I had no idea that tickets prices can vary that much between west end and Broadway , I can relate so much to I miss theater since my first boy was born only that he is 9 years old now, and I still didn't find the time for my favorite activity, i guess i just have so many friends by now in NYC that there is never enough time to catch a theater as well

  5. Interesting! must say didn't know that ticket prices vary so much. This was great insight.

  6. I haven't been to the theatre for quite a while now. I do love heading to the West End if ever I am in London, I would love to see a show on Broadway at least once. I had no idea that the tickets are so much more expensive though.

  7. Seriously great post. I love going to the West End to see a show. I would love to see Broadway. Perhaps one day.

  8. Its incredible how much cheaper it is in London than New York! I love taking my kids to see the shows.

  9. Same story ..Even I haven't been to the theater for quite a while now. I never knew that London's West End and New York City's Broadway offer top-notch shows and best theater experience. Thanks for updating me with new thing.

  10. I havent been to the theater in ages, but its astonishing the revenue made in broadway. Ive been to theaters in broadway and the west end and theyre amazing for different reasons.


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