A Paris!

7:35:00 PM

Bonjour sweeties! Missed me yet?

We just got back from an amazing, awesome, fantastic week in Paris. It is safe to say that I've never walked this much in my adult life just for the fun of it! We saw everything! Twice!!! We I couldn't get enough! I loved this city!!!

Here are some photos (I am terrible in this I know!) of Paris as we lived it! Enjoy!

Sein river - Palais de Justice

Jardin des Luxembourg 

Tour de Eiffel

Jardin des plantes

Louvre piramides

Now that's a bow!!! From Bonaparte collection.

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur



I love you

On our way back
I will posting more info and photos soon.

A tout a l' heure!!!


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  1. Maroulakiiiii welcome back!!!!
    Loved the photos!!!!(..and the bow!LOL)
    ...and i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!!

  2. I see you had the best time!!!! I love the photos and the bow of course hehehehehe!!!

  3. Wow!!! Maroulaki welcome back and thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos! They helped me travel to Paris even with my imagination! :)

  4. Great photos!
    Paris is beautiful, it's difficult not to adore it!

    Did you find any "Little Prince" there???
    When I was in Paris, before euro, they had the Little Prince printed on their 50 Franc bill! (http://donotforgetblog.blogspot.gr/2011/11/le-petit-prince-little-prince.html)

    We are waiting for more photos!
    Take care!

  5. Mαρω στο παρατσακ και θα βρισκομασταν ολοι μαζι!
    Εψαχνα για ξενοδοχειο αλλα βρηκα κατι τρελες τιμες κ ειπα να το αποφυγω!!!
    Ανυπομονω να παω καποια στιγμη :)

  6. lucky you!
    Paris is an amazing city! so vibrant! with so much culture!
    i 've visited it about ten years ago and i want to go again!
    this time with my man ;)

  7. Ωωωωω τι ομορφιά!! Ήταν ωραία ε;
    Πόσο θέλω να πάω...

  8. Thank you sweeties! It was an awesome trip! I wish all of you that haven't gone yet visit it soon! It is an amazing place!


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