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Hello lovely friends

Have your ever come across a bridge filled with lockets? Have your ever witnessed someone locking one in place? Have you ever affixed a padlock on a fence? Do you have you any idea what I am talking about?

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Well, first time I saw them in Florence, in Ponte Vecchio. The bars of the bridge were overwhelmed with locks! That was a sight, I’ll tell you!

Ponte Vecchio, photo by Akamatra

There were hundreds of them, hanging there, literally one over the other! Most of them bronze, but many colorful, those weird decorations were very impressive.

Later on I discovered that they are called “locks of love” or “love padlocks”. It’s a custom of lovers to put a lock on a bridge or a gate to declare their everlasting love to each other. Most of the locks have their initials on them!

Wikipedia offers quite an extended article about the history behind this custom, claiming to have started before World War II, after a heartbreaking story of a young couple.

Riga, Latvia, photo by Akamatra
True or not, this is a growing worldwide phenomenon. I’ve come upon those lockets in Riga, Latvia a few years ago, and during our last trip to Paris, on the bridges of Seine.
It’s so growing actually that authorities are cutting them off the fences and the bridges in order to avoid weight overload. Some even talk about preserving the monuments.

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What’s your opinion on this somewhat weird custom? Good or bad? Silly or romantic? Would you do such an act of love, if that’s what it is?

Love to read your answers!

Smouts for now


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  1. Hehehe this custom is very widespread in Italy, and we have it in my town Torino too, on the bridges of the Po river! :) I find it kind of sweet and romantic, although I know it's not so good for the bridges and monuments... In Italy there was a movie which jumpstarted this phenomenon and made it grow lightning fast!

  2. Dear Annuk, visiting Torino still is one of the best memories I've had as a child! It was a long long time ago and there were no padlocks on the bridges then, so I think I have to come back and take a look for myself, no? :))))

  3. What a sweet story! I'd never heard of it but they look almost like art!! Thanks for sharing this Maro!!

  4. I didn't know that! Great post! It is just amazing how the actions of the one can be custom for other. I love this artistic custom!

  5. So sweet post!
    I have just been back in time, in Paris...

  6. We loved this amazing tradition of "locking your love" so much we started LoveLocks, Inc. here in the USA! We offer a beautiful solid brass double heart shaped padlock that locks ONE time ONLY there is no key. Really symbolizing eternal LOVE. We want to share this tradition with everyone. Please visit our website at www.lovelocksonline.com. Start your LOVELOCKS tradition today!

  7. I love the love locks to presenting the gift for my anniversary. lock your love with love padlocks is great thing in nowadays.


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