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Hello sweeties
Have I ever mentioned how I love classical music and the opera? Well, I grew up to the soundtrack of my sister’s Bach on the piano and my mom’s Maria Calla’s records on the pickup so my taste in music is not really a surprise!

We used to go the opera quite often and I loved every single time there! It’s been some time from the last time I went so, when I heard about an opera event being held close to our home I didn’t blink and took my baby and my mom with me.

The event was organized by the Greek National Opera together with Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in a municipal theater near Piraeus. It was Wolfgang’s Amadeus Mozart Don Giovanni in a modern take and it was really good! We enjoyed our selves and actually laughed a lot!

We laughed even harder when on the way back home my mom remembered some funny facts about our visits to the opera when I was a kid. We used to take along my grandmother’s sister; our beloved aunt. She really loved opera and classical music even thought she couldn’t understand the words; actually neither could we since the overhead titles hadn’t been implemented yet. Anyhow, in one of those times she must have been really tired and she fell asleep. No problem with that other that she was snoring really loud! My mother would then gently shake her, and she would reply “Stop it! I am awake! How can I be asleep if I can hear the voices sing?” Such a bittersweet memory that was we were laughing and missing her at the same time.

However, rock music was also heard every day in our home too. Actually, my mom use to sing the refrain of Psycho Killer by Talking Heads like a pro! Are you surprised? Well, we are weird, haven’t you got that already?

We are so weird this is what we used as an intro to our wedding reception.

Are you laughing again? 
Well we are this kind of a couple so laugh all you want ;) We don't mind!

canvas from Mymindmouse
What kind of music do you like? Did you have a special song when you got married/engaged/eloped? Love to hear your answers!

Smouts for now


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  1. hahaha amazing post!!! I love opera too..my hubby does not :/

    I like every single music except country..sorry folks!

    I am glad you had great time there. More to come I wish!

    1. Honey you are missing soooo many things from not liking country music, I can't even begin to tell you! It is one of my best kinds!!! Thanks for the wishes!

  2. Great post sweetie!
    I have to admit that I am not a great fan of opera, but ok!
    On the other hand I love rock!And your choice of Psycho Killer really rocks!!!

  3. By the way, I forgot to say that I LOVE Maria Callas' eyebrows!!!

  4. Ωραία επιλογή για κομμάτι εισόδου!!
    Όσο για μουσικά γούστα, ροκ, χέβυ μέταλ, σουίνγκ και κλασσική. Μακρυαααα από κλαρίνα, γυφτοτράγουδα, γουφ γουφ, παπαρίζες και τα συναφή!

    1. Μαζί σου!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ακου παπαρίζες, χαχαχα ελιωσα!!! Μπρρρ παναγιτσα μου χαλια!


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