Hello sweeties,

I am trying to be as organized as myself will let me be and lately I've been facing a problem with that. I need a bulletin board for all the little post it notes, receipts, designs, doodles and more that fill my bag, wallet and desk. I need it bad! Problem is I can't have it because my home office desk is set in front of the window! So nowhere to put the bulletin board. I know I could move the desk but that's not an option. Or I can put the board to the left of the right of the window but that's not an option either. I just want to lift my eyes off of the laptop and see the board.

Before you start nodding your head thinking "Woman you can't have it all", I should tell you that there aren't many things that I can't do when I set my mind to! So, I made a bulletin board for my window! Here's how:

First take a piece of felt at your desired size. Mine was 35cm x 22 cm.



Now take a piece of cardboard that's 3cm wide and just a couple of centimeters narrower than your felt. Mine was 20cm wide.




You can either glue the felt to cover the cardboard



Or sew around it like I did. I used a very bright neon pink thread for this purpose.



Sew around the cardboard encasing it with the felt.



That's what it looks like when it's finished.




Take your punching tool and make two holes about 5cm from each end of the felt.


Use your eyelets and eyelet tool to cover the edges of the holes.

Like so.

And that's the back side.

Theoretically you can stop here. But I wanted to add a bit of color too and I choose to make divisions on my board, just in case I want to test my organizational skills in the future! When doing that I had another idea (which is kinda awesome if I may say so myself). Next time I am going to make a hanging monthly calendar by sewing 31 squares on my felt!!! Cool? That got me really exited I must confess!

Use any kind of yarn or jude or a ribbon to hang the bulletin board on your window. I used a fuschia yarn to match my pink thread.


Then pin away to your hearts content! I used my "fancy" pins for the job and left some spares on the board too. 


My curtains (which I think they are hideous and can't wait to change them) hang from plastic white eyelets on the valance. I attached the ends of my yarn on two eyelets with a simple knot and adjusted the length of the yarn so that the board hangs just on top of my laptop screen. The best part is that when I open and close the curtain the board follows along without any fuss! What a obedient board that is!!!



It goes without saying that you can hang this board anywhere really!

 Even your fridge! Some people (like me) don't like magnets on their fridge! If you need a way to post notes and grocery lists, maybe this kind of a board will suit you.



I can't wait to make the monthly planner bulletin board! Stay tuned!

How do you organize your life? Do you use a digital calendar or a paper one or something else? I would love to know tips and tricks about easy organization!