Hello sweeties,

I am going to share with you today a favorite recipe. Well, actually this is not my favorite recipe. It’s Nick’s! Yeap, I am going to be sharing his favorite salad recipe today, since he always complains that I haven’t invited him to do a guest post in my blog! I keep telling him that my readers are sick of me talking about my husband all the time and they don’t need another reminder of him, but he doesn’t get it! So, bare with me dearest readers, just bare with me!


Ingredients for one serving (large size):

 1 large tomato (or two smaller ones)

1/3 of a cucumber

 Some pieces of green and/or sweet red pepper

 One cup of spinach leaves

 3-4 lettuce leaves

 1/3 of a ripe avocado

4 soup spoons of walnuts (unsalted)

 3 soup spoons of extra virgin olive oil






The procedure is very simple. All the trouble is to wash everything thoroughly. You should take special care for the spinach and lettuce leaves since they need to be as clean as possible ( I know, I know, nothing is really clean now is it?).




Nick says that you shouldn’t cut the leaves with a knife. You should rather use your hands and cut large pieces so they don’t loose their vitamins.




After cutting the leaves, cut your tomato and cucumber and add them along with the pepper.



He likes to cut the avocado in three portions day by day leaving the core attached and storing in the fridge. He then cuts it into smaller pieces and adds it too. So of course I followed his lead on this one!




Then he add the walnuts (or pistachios). He really enjoys them!




He used to drown his salad with olive oil but not anymore. Now he only (!!!) uses 3 soup spoons! And then, he sprinkles or should I say covers the whole thing with oregano! (pssst I didn't but don't tell him that!)





There you have it! That’s his favorite salad which he eats almost every day along with lunch! And he still is thinner (much much thinner) than me, grrrrrr!!!!





How about you? What’s your hubby’s favorite dish? Do you enjoy salads?



Lot’s of love