Hello darlings,

I got an email the other day from the Survey Bee's blog letting me know that I was nominated as one of the Best DIY Blogs for 2015! To say I was surprised is putting it lightly! I mean I know I've written a few cool DIYs this year and the ones before that, but I would never consider mine as one of the best blogs at anything, lol!

Anyhow, I thanked them warmly and then they asked me to share a piece of advice for those who want to start their own DIY blog. Well, I did. I said one of most important things on blogging about DIYs I could think of.

“Make things you need! Don't bother with complicated DIYs that produce sophisticated stuff if you aren't going to use it! You are not going to get inspiration this way and your readers will be able to know your heart wasn't in it! Instead make stuff you need for your home, your friends, your loved ones and yourself! Chances are other people need them too and will be visiting your post to learn how to make them!”

I stand behind this piece of advice wholeheartedly! I mean, I know for myself I could never begin making something I (or someone close to me) didn't need and wasn't going to use! Why bother? Making something only to write a blog post about it and then having it stored away (or thrown away), no matter how popular the post is, isn't my cup of tea. I mean this is a total waste of time and materials isn't it? And to be totally honest I don't need to prove anything to myself or to anyone else by writing posts with DIY which no-one really needs.

Anyhow, I got another mail a few days back with the link to the article about the awards. Imagine my surprise when I open the link to find out I was in the same list with A Beautiful Mess and some of the coolest craft blogs out there! I was thrilled!!!! The kind of thrill that comes from being at the same list with the very best (kinda like the Oscar nominees when the competition is Meryl Streep!!!)

So, thanks Survey Bee, you made my week!

What's your favorite DIY blog?

Lot's of love