Hello darlings,

this year again I took part to Zina's great Secret Santa game. I think it was the second or third year and it's becoming a tradition!

Well, this year I must have been a pretty good girl because my gift was a super production! I mean SUPER!!!!  I got the package and first I thought it was my gift from Anna's craft supplies exchange. It was huge! And it was from Anna herself. It took me almost two days to realise that it was in fact my gift from Zina's secret Santa and not Anna's game! Wanna see what she send me?


The most awesome, amazing and thoughtful gift one could make and give to a crafter! An advent calendar with 25 bags filled with supplies and clues for 25 DIYs!!!!! Anna's awesomeness knows no end!

I mean can you think how many hours she put into making this gift? Or how fitting it is for me? Or how cute and well made everything was? I was almost in tears when I realised what it was!!!!

The first bag was filled with fabric scarps and supplies to make fabric covered buttons! I love it!

The second one had cute colorful plastic button to make a Christmas tree decoration, which I made in no time at all and hang on my tree!


When I took these photos it was December 2nd. Since then I've made more things from the calendar but I am not even half way through with it! I did find the chocolate in number 11 though ;)

Today, I have beside me a very helpful companion, this cute notepad I decorated with the washi tape Anna send which I use to write down my crochet patterns! I love it!!!!

I promised Anna that I will try and make all the wonderful things she send and give her feedback about them. And I will, I am just taking my time. It's like opening a gift every week and I don't want to spoil it by opening everything at once!

Anna, I told you before, this has to be one of the best gifts I've ever received! Thanks so much I will always remember it!!!!

Most of the DIYs in the calendar can be found with great photos and details in Anna's awesome blog InMyCloset. Don't forget to like her facebook page for a daily dose of DIY awesomeness and drop by her etsy shop, cause her pillow covers are the best you can find! If you are on istagram you can find Anna here.

I also need to thank Zina for another well organized Secret Santa! Keep it up girl, you rock!