As my bundle of joy sleeps for a minute of two I thought I post this. I try to stay calm as I write this post but it is difficult! You see when we renovated the house three years ago we thought we made the best choices on the things we put in it! We were wrong! The biggest mistake was the kitchen. Well, not the kitchen itself but the person who sold it to us! It was supposed to be a very expensive Italian one with many features and tricks! Well, it turns out it isn't! I've been sick of the cabinets door's not working properly for a year now but last week I was fed up! It might have to do with my hormones but I woke up one day to a split open counter top!!!! I payed a great deal of money for that counter top!!! I was furious! Now I am seriously thinking of taking a hammer to it and buying a new kitchen! Well, if only I could afford that!!!

If there are things about you kitchen you don't like (I feel for you man), read on you might find these ideas helpful!


The kitchen is the hub of the home, where families tend to spend the most time, and can often be the busiest room. It is inevitably going to become tired looking with so much use, but replacing your whole kitchen can be a big and expensive job. So, whether for it's appearance of functionality, here are a few things you can do to your kitchen without having to replace the whole thing.


Choose New Colour Scheme

The dinner plates, appliances, table clothes and ornaments that you have in your kitchen will probably all follow a theme or colour scheme. Simply replacing these with a new colour will really make a difference to the overall look of your kitchen, without breaking a bank. If your units and walls are neutral tones, you could go for bolder shades for a pop of colour. Candles and mirrors can also be used to add style and atmosphere, with candles also making the room smell lovely as a bonus!


Repaint Walls

Changing the wall colour is an easy and inexpensive way of refreshing a room. If you don't feel confident painting yourself, try a company like to do the work for you. Discuss new colours with them, and try to make sure it matches your kitchen cabinets and other furniture.


Paint Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can get shabby and marked with lots of use. But there are ways to salvage them before you replace. Wooden doors can be stripped and re-stained, or painted for a popular shaker style. If your cabinets are veneered, there are special paints for laminate materials. Be aware of your worktop colour and other furniture when choosing a colour, and try samples before committing.


Change Flooring

If you're flooring is looking a little worn, replacing this really freshens up a room. Whether you have hardwood, tiles or laminate flooring, try a few samples to make sure it compliments the room. Rugs and mats can be used in larger spaces to add warmth.


Change Lighting

A feature light or spotlights work great in a kitchen. A large light in the middle of the room, while smaller spotlights highlight areas. Undercabinet strip lights also add atmosphere and are very useful when preparing food and using the worktops.


New Curtains

Dressing the room can involve fitting curtains, blinds, and table cloths. If you have large doors or french windows, long curtains to the floor can soften this and add interest. Blinds are useful at most kitchen windows as they are easier to keep clean.


New Layout

Simply moving furniture and items around a room can give it a new lease of life. Try repositioning the dining table, or any moveable units to create more space and better functionality.



A really easy and simple way to freshen up any room; add flowers. A vase of fresh blooms or a new houseplant can change any room of the home, with their lovely fragrance and beautiful petals add style and class.


Please tell me I am not the only one who got scammed by a kitchen seller! I mean I don't like for others to go through my disappointment but if by any chance you have, please let me know so I wont feel lonely!