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how often do you have guests over? For a lot of people, it’s only an occasional event. Therefore, the guest bedroom and bathroom often end up untouched for months. However, with Christmas around the corner, it's likely you will have people over to stay for a couple of nights. Therefore, you need to make sure your home is ready for your visitors. Here are four easy steps to turn your guest bathroom from drab to fab!


Add some fresh flowers


If your bathroom is looking drab, there’s nothing better to give it a lift than some fresh flowers. Go for a bright bunch to ensure the room looks beautiful. It can give the room some life and will be appreciated by your guests. Just remember to get some fresh flowers which will stay intact for when they arrive. If you get them too early, you might have dying flowers! And if you want something more permanent, you could always purchase some fake flowers in a beautiful vase. That way, it can stay in the room and won’t need changing anytime soon! Just make sure they are tasteful. There are plenty good DIYs for flowers out there too!



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Add a new shower curtain


Over time, the shower curtain can look a bit grimey. After all, the steam can cause mildew stains on your shower curtain. And although you can put it in the washing machine (check the label), it can often look a bit dated after a few months. Therefore, if you haven’t had to use the guest bathroom in a while, it could be time to update it with a new shower curtain. Make sure you buy one which is in a bright color to give your guest bathroom a boost. You could even go for one which has a playful design to make your guests smile when they go for their morning wash!




Clean those bathroom taps


Just like the shower curtain, bathroom taps can become a bit dirty after a while. It’s so important to keep them clean. If you don’t, your guests might find the water doesn’t run clean if they have a bath during their stay. Therefore, make sure you give them a thorough clean before your guests arrive. To give the room an extra boost, you might want to consider some new bathroom taps. You can get some great styles such as waterfall taps which will ensure the room looks fabulous! Check out online brands like Tap Warehouse for bathroom taps.


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Add some little extras


When your guests come to stay, it’s good to put some bathing essentials in the bathroom. As this article explains, you should add sea sponges, bath brushes, and bath salts which your guests would expect to find in a high-end hotel. And don’t forget some mini bottles of shampoo and shower wash to ensure they can have a great experience! And remember to add some luxurious towels so that they can dry off in style. Make sure they have a high thread count (Egyptian cotton would be great) to ensure they are lovely and thick!


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And once you have the bathroom ready, you can turn your attention to the bedroom. You can read my previous blogpost on how to change a room’s dynamic to ensure it’s ready for your weekend visitors!


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